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Alda CEO Allan Hardenberg on the future of the events industry [Magazine Exclusive]

CEO of ALDA Allan Hardenberg is one of the most principal figures in the events industry. Having been fully entrenched in the industry since the 90s, the Dutch pioneer has established a far-reaching legacy, curating events that have captured the imaginations of thousands upon thousands of electronic music fans all over the globe. Alongside his co-founder David Lewis, Allan Hardenberg oversaw the growth of ALDA, from a concept to a global leader in the events industry.

First established in 2007, Amsterdam-based events organiser ALDA is the brand behind many of the world’s most iconic festivals. The brand’s ethos ‘music is what feelings sound like’ is ever-present through every single one of its ventures, providing unforgettable experiences for attendees all over the globe.

Hi Allan, great to speak with you. How are you doing at the moment? How have you been keep- ing busy over the last few weeks?

Thanks for having me. I am doing well, considering the circumstances we have all found ourselves in. It has allowed us all plenty of time to look at how we can make things better. At the moment we are busy with strategizing and analyzing the customer journey of our visitors and we have made some remarkable discoveries. I am certain that we will come out of this pandemic better and wiser as a company. I am excited for the moment when events are once again allowed to happen worldwide. From a professional and personal standpoint this situation was also a great time to evaluate the last 25 years; what we did right and wrong and what we have learned in the process. Self reflection is very important to implement in this period. I do not believe that this is just a break and that things will go back to the same as they were before. This period in our lives will change things.

That’s definitely true, we’re looking forward to seeing ALDA’s next steps after the pandemic. What does a day in the life of Allan look like at the moment?

It’s like any other day before Covid came into our lives. After waking up, I read the newspaper to get an update on current affairs and then it’s the start of the workday. 


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