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Exclusive Interview: David Guetta discusses his brand new single ‘Let’s Love’

The name David Guetta is synonymous with a supreme production quality that cannot be found anywhere else. He has earned his place atop the charts, inspiring a generation of artists and listeners. Over the years, he has claimed endless accolades for his achievements, reaching greater heights than anyone thought possible. So far, 2020 has been yet another stellar year for the French maestro, despite the lack of live shows. In fact, many would argue that the music he is releasing right now is the greatest work of his entire career. On Friday, he released ‘Let’s Love‘, yet another mammoth joint effort with his regular co-collaborator Sia. We caught up with David Guetta to talk about the brand new release.

Are the lyrics of ‘Let’s Love’ inspired by 2020, or did the inspiration come from elsewhere?

David Guetta: “Yes, absolutely. It’s a song that we wrote in confinement. So I texted her [Sia] and it was at the beginning of March, I was stuck in Miami and watching the news all day and everything was so depressing. There was so much pressure, countries were pointing fingers at each other, tension between communities. Then I texted her like, “we need to make the world happy, let’s make a happy song, let’s make something that feels good and talks about going through this together and not against each other. So yes, it’s 100% related to what’s going on right now.”

How does a David Guetta & Sia hit come together? What does your creative process look like?

David Guetta: “Most of the time, I would give her or play her some chord progressions on the piano, not produced. She’s more sensitive to interesting chord progressions that are surprising, or little melodic ideas. This is how we write, I don’t play her dance music or trap, or stuff like this. She doesn’t really think like this, she thinks in terms of chords and melodies. Then when I have the song it’s my job to turn it into how I want it to be. In this case actually what was interesting was that we wrote this as a ballad, and it was a very slow song, and I was trying to think of how to produce it, and I think the tempo was close to 100. I was going to make it a little faster and then I decided to slow it down and double the tempo. This is a DJ trick really, I played the music twice as fast as what she was singing, and then it feels like a song that is full of energy, but she’s actually singing pretty slow. That was the trick.”

Make sure to stream ‘Let’s Love’ on Spotify below.


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