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The funniest music production memes of September 2020 by The FL Studio Memes

Music production is an art form that requires mastery of various different skill sets. There are numerous struggles that music producers face while making music. Most of the producers are able to relate to the struggles of any other producer. The struggling times can be tough however also form the basis for some humorous content based around the struggles. So if you have been in the studio all day and want to take some time off, this is the right place for you to relax your mind. Following are our top picks for the best music production memes of September 2020 from the amazing Instagram page, The FL Studio Memes :

Disclaimer: The following content is intended just for entertainment purposes only and not meant to offend anyone.


Among Us is currently the most trending game in the world and the resemblance of the FL Studio logo with an avatar in Among Us definitely cracked us up.


There is nothing bigger & exciting than the epic Eric Prydz buildups. Missing his live shows due to COVID-19 definitely makes up for this meme.

The FL Studio vs Ableton debate for the best DAW has been going for decades now and doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. This music production meme is a humorous take on the debate and definitely quite a funny one



2020 is nothing short of a disaster and has forced all of us to stay inside our homes. Staying inside homes, disconnected from the outside world with no huge distractions is something music producers have always been fond of. The meme is a take on the current situation and is so damn true.


This video is definitely one of the funniest music production memes we have seen until now. It’s a take on the struggle of a music producer in making a not so good sounding singer sound like a professional.



This meme is so relatable for every one of us and not just producers. There is nothing more bothering than the Spotify premium ads.


These were some of our top picks of the month however The FL Studio Memes on Instagram is a complete vault of the most funniest production memes on the social media platform. Do give them a follow @theflstudiomemes


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Image Credits: The FL Studio Memes on Instagram


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