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Vini Vici discuss upcoming remix album and highlights of 2020: Exclusive

Dedicated to uniting dancefloors and spreading positivity across the globe, the Psy-trance legends known as Vini Vici are a power-duo force which not many can take lightly. Welcoming listeners into their unique dimension of enhanced creativity and elements of surprise,  Aviram Saharai & Matan Kadosh’s clear attention to detail and sound design is one of the reasons these producers are continuing to make history in the music industry. Progressing their musical capabilities at an early age, whether it is iconic collaborations such as “Great Spirit” or making us feel even more “Alive,” it is safe to say Vini Vici can keep us up on our feet no matter what time of the day it is. Bringing that festival-ready energy is instilled in their production style and We Rave You had the pleasure of catching up with these two global pioneers discuss memorable moments touring, their upcoming official remix album, and key highlights in 2020.

Hey guys, it is so nice to catch up with you both. To start off, can you describe a typical day in the studio for Vini Vici? What are your guy’s “go-to” spots in Israel when it comes down to your free time?

“Hello and thank you for having us. Our studio days are a bit different than normal producers because we live in different places. Aviram in Brazil and Matan in Israel. We normally start our day with a phone call and plan our studio session. We always love to talk and create the idea of the song in theory before approaching it in production. This helps us stay focused and achieve the best result. After the chat, we open logic (each one at his place) and start to produce. We love Tel Aviv and the beaches around our small home town Afula.”

At the age of around 15 years old, you both started experimenting with psytrance production. Are you able to share any memories with each other when you first started producing music?

“Yeah, we started at a very young age, and we remember that we did not know much about production. There were no video tutorials and online help to learn from. We recall having our speakers on the top of our closet (laughing) and a very weak computer. We could only open a few plugins before the computer would collapse, but with the difficulties, it was amazing to learn by ourselves and achieve our unique sound. One moment we remember was the first song we did together got released on a very important compilation CD back in the day. The sensation was unforgettable to know that our dream was becoming true.”


As trance music was gaining popularity back home, would you say it influenced you to pursue a career in music? How so?

“Yeah of course it influenced us. Psy-trance is a huge culture in Israel and everywhere we went you hear it, until today. Also, Infected Mushroom started at a very young and they are one of our childhood influences. So we can assume this was a bit of a trigger for us as well to believe that we can chase our dream at a very young age.”

Seeing you both interacting and bringing the energy to the crowd is something that many people admire about both of you. You play your original songs and make it clear that you are passionate about what you produce. Based on your official Instagram, I would say you both miss those memorable moments playing festivals. What do you both miss the most about touring?

“Yes, we miss it so much! We do not even have the words to describe how much. Touring is a huge part of who we are and to lose it for so long left us heartbroken, but the crowd and us must stay safe and we will pass it together hopefully soon. We miss the “unity” we share during a show with the crowd. It is a natural high that feels divine in a lot of ways.”

You’ve recently teased the official remixed album of Vini Vici. Could you tell us a bit more about that? Which names are involved and what is the general concept of it?

“Oh yes, we are very excited about it! The compilation is full of amazing remixes. We went full psytrance here with amazing artists like Infected Mushroom, Liquid Soul, skazi, Ace Ventura, Blastoyz, Tristan, and Ranji just to name a few. Also, we felt it was a great opportunity to give young producers a chance so we did a remix contest that exploded by the way as we got so many remixes. We will share more details about the winner and the compilation soon!”

Over the span of 2020, you have been surprising us with constant releases featuring artists such as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. Can we expect any future collaborations or remixes for the end of the year? Any potential names you can share with us?

“Yes! We have a collaboration with Timmy Trumpet as well as a collaboration with Freedom Fighters to be released in October. Two awesome tracks we cannot wait to share with the world!”

Speaking of your recent collaboration with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike on “Get In Trouble(So What)”, are you able to breakdown the initial idea and process behind the track?

“We got the idea actually after performing in Rock in Rio. Pink also performed there and it felt like it would fit our style perfectly. We wrote the idea, showed it to Dimitri and Mike, they loved it, and boom! We cannot wait to drop it in parties and feel the reaction from the crowd.”

As many around the world are united as part of the tribe, you both launched your very own fashion collection known as the “Urban Tribe.” What inspired you to create this unique collection in the industry? Can we expect any new designs in the works this year?

“We wanted to have our own merchandise for the fans and we got a lot of requests for it. It gave us a trigger to do the collection with the amazing plazma guys. We believe that next year we are going to launch another collection.”

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Unsurprisingly, both of you & Armin van Buuren achieved gold certification on “Great Spirit” in Denmark, Sweden, and Holland. What were both of your initial reactions after receiving this exciting news?

“This is a dream come true for sure. Every musician wants his tracks to be successful and there is no better stamp for it than a gold record. This was a huge milestone for psytrance culture as well. We remember the Armada family surprised us in a state of trance festival last year with the gold record, it was a joyful moment we will definitely cherish.”

Last but not least, a big congratulations Aviram on you and your wife’s expectancy. We cannot wait to hear more about this big moment for you soon.

“Thank you so much. Much love and hope to see you on the dance floor where we belong!”

In need of “More Power” to get you through the day? Be sure to check out Vini Vici’s latest single with Diego Mirando and WUANT below.


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