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Joseph Capriati releases stunning new album titled ‘Metamorfosi’: Listen

Well versed in the world of house and techno, Joseph Capriati is a superstar. From playing at Burning Man to Awakenings and beyond, the Italian maestro has well and truly made a name for himself. Three years on from his last album release, he’s pleased to announce that he’s finally back with another album which happens to be his third.

‘Metamorfosi’ is the 12-track product of years spent reflecting on self-development and musical development within himself. Stating via Facebook on a video (through the Mixmag page) where he spoke to his fans, he said that he had been working on it for more than three years, and it includes a lot of his tech and electronic dance music influences sprinkled throughout the tracklist. Also expressing that this is not purely a dancefloor record, it’s a diverse body of work which has a lot of messages injected into it.

Released on September 4, ‘Metamorfosi’ is a true masterpiece. The opening track ‘Improvvisazione’ sets the tone and balance for the other tracks to come, and is a more than beautiful opener with the dark and haunting synths. Collaborators such as Louie VegaByron Stingily and Eric Kupper appear on tracks like ‘Spirit Brothers’ and ‘Love Changed Me’. It fulfils Capriati’s wish of working with legendary producers and vocalists, and there is also an ode to his hometown of Napoli.

Overall, this is one beautiful production by Joseph Capriati and you can pre-order the vinyl, CD or cassette here which will be releasing on September 18. Otherwise, you can listen to the full album below.

Image Credit: Joseph Capriati (Press)

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