Klipr revives the tech house vibes with his latest single ‘Get Close’: Listen

Incredibly talented artist Klipr has been quite impressive in the past few months, and he has raised the bar of quality even higher with his 6-track long EP titled Lockdown. The hard work and dedication that goes into making each track is finally starting to pay off for the artist as it has given his music a noticeably intimate sound, and listeners can tell that each rhythm and beat has been perfected and crafted over time. As a continuation of his epic string of recent releases, Klipr has just dropped another tech house banger called ‘Get Close’, out now on via his record label Streamin’ Music Group.

Inspired by the electronic music scene in India, Klipr realised his passion for music in his early college days. Since then, he has been making music that captures feelings of excitement and energy as seen in live music festivals, which have been in scarcity these days. he artist also officially launched his own record label Streamin’ Music Group in 2019 that aims at giving a platform to emerging EDM producers.

‘Get Close’ by Klipr is an intense tech house record blessed with some alluring vocals and hypnotic melodies. Don’t forget to check it out below.

Image Credit: Klipr (Press)

21-year-old electronic music fan and a budding producer. Particularly biased towards melodic house & techno.

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