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Lane 8 releases supersized ‘Brightest Lights’ remix album: Listen

Lane 8 has seen a lot of success with his third studio album ‘Brightest Lights’ upon release back at the very start of this year. Branching into new territories and playing around with a new progressive-style sound, it was something new and unique that fans of Lane 8 got to enjoy and now he’s pushing it to the masses even further and following up with a remix version of the album.

‘Brightest Lights Remixed’ allows fans to listen to their favourite songs in an entirely new light and enjoy them in different ways whilst getting familiar with new artists that they may not yet know at the same time. Remix albums are a great chance for brilliant artists to show off their skills and ‘Brightest Lights Remixed’ has a whole host of amazing names. The likes of Dirty SouthQrionBen BöhmerGeotheory and many more feature on the remix album which now features 24 tracks. The supersized album has a massive array of multiple sounds and feels for all to enjoy, and with such a popular and diverse list of names, this is set to be just as popular as the original album itself.

There’s plenty to dive into, so listen to all the tracks below and check out the names on the album, stretching across nearly two hours of pure beauty.


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