MK Marc Kinchen

Love Regenerator, Steve Lacy – Live Without Your Love (MK Remix)

Possibly one of the busiest producers on the planet, Marc Kinchen (A.K.A MK) hasn’t stopped pumping out some seriously groovy remixes lately. Back in September, he remixed Kideko and Armand Van Helden’s collaboration ‘The Fire’, and earlier this year he did a massive remix of the Katy Perry track ‘Daisies’ which garnered a lot of attention. Carrying on this remixing streak, he’s back to remix yet another superstar.

The superstar in question (other than MK himself) is no other than the Calvin Harris alias Love Regenerator. His track with Steve Lacy ‘Live Without Your Love’ has blown up, nearly reaching ten million plays just on Spotify alone, and now MK is here to put his own signature style into the track and give it a new look. Of course, with MK’s infectious house style, the remix was bound to be different from the acid house-type beats that were injected into the original track, but it’s completely blown us away.

Making us want to dance with the club-ready house beats that are perfect for the warm weather, he’s utilised the vocals from the original and wrapped them in a blanket of punching synths that made for a brilliant listen. Whilst respecting the original, this remix is true magic, and you can listen to it below.


Image Credit: Neil Favila / Provided by Falcon Publicity

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