Monocule Nicky Romero

Nicky Romero debuts brand new alias ‘Monocule’ and unveils new EP

Having established himself within the industry as one of the world’s finest electronic artists, Dutch pioneer Nicky Romero has truly earned his place atop the ranks. With a diverse and far-reaching discography, he has excelled time and time again, never faltering from his consistent prestige quality in production. Now, the Dutchman has changed the game once again, debuting a brand new alias; Monocule. This new identity sees him explore a completely different realm in production. Following the release of ‘Time To Save‘ yesterday, Nicky Romero has now unveiled a full 3-track EP, christening his new moniker in tremendous style.

The opening track ‘Time To Save’ unites the talents of Nicky Romero as Monocule, rising star Tim Van Werd and Swiss maestro Mosimann, effortlessly fusing influences to create a true melodic masterpiece. The production behind this track is phenomenal, and it takes the listener on an unforgettable journey through twists and turns. The hypnotic quality of the vocal intertwines beautifully with each element of the track, culminating in a truly exquisite symphony.

The second chapter of the EP, ‘Close To Me‘, follows a similar trend, but explores brand new realms. With a much darker undercurrent that lays the foundations, this track gradually builds with the introduction of each intricate component. Encapsulating the energy of a darkened club, delicately fused with heavenly vocals, ‘Close To Me’ is absolutely breathtaking.

Closing the EP in style, ‘Waiting For You‘ utilises vicious synths alongside melodious chords and hypnotic vocals. At the pinnacle, the track unravels into a high energy house anthem. Each aspect blends together in harmony, with each layer building upon the powerful lower lines.

Although this is the first we’ve heard from Nicky Romero’s brand new Monocule alias, it certainly won’t be the last. With this new moniker, the young producer has started a brand new chapter in his musical journey, and we can’t wait to hear more. Taking on a completely different identity, Nicky Romero has proven his ability to adapt and excel in any style of his choosing, further cementing his esteemed reputation in the industry. At its core, this EP is founded around an energy that connects with the soul of the listener, compelling you to hit replay again and again. If this is the future of electronic dance music, the future is bright.



Image Credit: Kevin Anthony Canales

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