Relive one of Avicii’s final releases, the phenomenal ‘AVĪCI (01)’ EP [Magazine Editorial]

In an industry filled with contributors, it is very rare to make a lasting impact. The music industry is no different, and though many achieve their dreams, few leave a permanent imprint on the scene. Avicii was one of the artists who broke the mould, challenged trends, defied the ordinary and impacted a generation of fans. When he sadly passed in 2018, he left behind a colossal legacy, dozens of pieces of music that would continue to connect with fans long into the future. One of his last contributions to the music industry was his ‘AVĪCI (01)’ EP which landed just over three years ago, in August 2017.

Featuring six incredible tracks, the EP achieved global success immediately, which isn’t surprising upon listening to it in its entirety. ‘AVĪCI (01)’ begins with Avicii’s Vargas & Lagola collaboration ‘Friend Of Mine’, an anthem with all the hallmarks of an Avicii original. Blending a variety of influences to create a folk-infused electronic sound, this track is mellow at its core but the vocals inject a highly emotive element.

Next up is the iconic Rita Ora collaboration ‘Lonely Together’. This breathtaking track combines the talents of both artists effortlessly, creating adrenaline and pulling on the heartstrings of the listener. ‘Lonely Together’ truly defines the word ‘addictive’, and it’s no surprise that it racked up an impressive stream-count considering just how compelling it is to hit replay upon reaching the end of the track. The third installment saw Avicii combine forces with Billy Raffoul to create the heartbreaking anthem ‘You Be Love’. Characterised by its trademark Avicii breakdown alongside haunting vocals, this track is a rollercoaster ride that takes the listener through a complex series of emotions. 


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