Sofi Tukker

Sofi Tukker return with infectious house banger ‘Emergency’ alongside Novak & YAX.X: Listen

SOFI TUKKER, with the help from Novak & YAX.X, dropped another house heater called ‘Emergency’ earlier this week. ‘Emergency’ is the newest release from the American duo. After having an explosive year with the release of ‘House Arrest’, a collabortive bop with fellow duo Gorgon City.

SOFI TUKKER stated that this song was inspired by true events, which after listening to the song might make you chuckle, but in their typical sense of unorthodox lyrics. The pair stated:

“We wrote this one very literally about Sophie breaking her foot, which had just happened on stage at Groovin the Moo Festival in Australia. We were at home and had to cancel our tour, and actually was at the same time as we wrote “House Arrest” about that period of time.”

‘Emergency’ brings energy with its fiery synths and hypnotic vocals, in great SOFI TUKKER fashion, who also fixes a ‘lisp’ on her lyrics towards the end of the song when she plays ‘Simon says’ with the listener. The song begins with a mini-build up and the drop of the song. You may even hear an ambulance-styled synth nestled throughout the track. The house-styled drums fill the gaps between their carefully crafted synths that sit just right.

Listen to the electric ‘Emergency’ by SOFI TUKKER & Novak & YAK.K below:

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Image Credit: Sofi Tukker (Press) / Provided by Identity PR