Spotify set for a brand new Karaoke feature?

The continuously evolving music industry has witnessed some massive changes in the past few years and some of them have turned out to be saviors for us amidst the global pandemic. The industry has heavily relied on digital events and live streams to make up for the huge losses suffered due to the cancelation of events. So, at a time when people world are confined to their homes, the leading music streaming service Spotify is reportedly looking to add a Karaoke feature to its overwhelming list of functionalities. This could either turn out to be a huge source of entertainment for people across the globe, or it could even end up like a similar concept by Twitch called Twitch Sings that is set to be taken down at the end of the year.

This interesting update has been on the news since the blogger and reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong tweeted about this, who, as a matter of fact, has also shared insights on brand new technologies like virtual concerts and video podcasts in the past.

Spotify is set to offer tough competition to its rival streaming service Tencent Music Entertainment that already provides a karaoke feature through its WeSing App and also allows you to combine your friends or fellow artists for duet/ group performances. Apart from the Karaoke features, many other speculated changes have also been revealed by Jane. For starters, Spotify may allow users to play offline for thirty minutes every day. Moreover, a completely new UI for car mode might also be on the cards.

Image Credit: Thibault Penin on Unsplash

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