Tchami samples Marlena Shaw on new masterpiece of a single ‘Faith’

Speaking to us exclusively the other month, Tchami detailed how busy his career has been lately. From work on the Lady Gaga album ‘Chromatica’ to his very own upcoming ‘Year Zero’ album, there’s truly no stopping the French maestro. Releasing four singles this year so far, COVID-19 hasn’t stopped 2020 from being yet another busy year for him, and now he’s released his fifth single of the year.

Titled ‘Faith’, it features the vocal work of American singer Marlena Shaw, who’s work is often sampled in hip-hop tracks and has crossed many boundaries and genres, now moving into the house territory. Obviously, Tchami never fails to blow everyone’s mind with each release he puts out into the world and this is another top notch recording, giving us another teaser as to what we can expect from ‘Year Zero’ coming soon. Utilising Marlena Shaw’s vocals powerfully, he samples from her 1969 track Woman of The Ghetto’ and breathes new life into it with his own signature style, giving it an updated and new feel and creating a true masterpiece – not that we expected anything short of a masterpiece from Tchami!

You can listen to the wonderful track below, and we’ll be sharing news of ‘Year Zero’ as soon as we get more information.


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