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Transmutator: The perfect transition plugin

United Plugins recently rolled out its new VST, Transmutator that makes the task of transition from one sound to another a whole lot smoother and easier. With the high number of use cases both in music production and when DJing, Transmutator can be quite a handy tool.


The plugin comes in with an easy-to-use User Interface. To get started with it, all you got to do is put it on a mixer channel and provide the sidechain input from the other mixer track that you want to transition with. There are 16 transition modes by default on Transmutator and come in with Dry/Wet & separate volume knobs. Certain transition modes can also be helpful in gluing certain sounds together. For example, the Filter mode applies a high pass filter on one sound and low pass on the other, thus if you have 2 sounds around the same frequency range and are facing troubles in making them sit together, the filter mode becomes a useful tool. Other modes in Transmutator include:

  • Spectrum(separates tonal and noise elements)
  • Morph(blends the two inputs in a unique fashion)
  • Stereo(splits inputs into mid/side components)
  • Pan(splits inputs into left and right components)  
  • Transients (splits the inputs into their transient and tail components)
  • Dynamics (splits the inputs into their quiet — below the threshold — and loud — above the threshold — components)
  • Follow (measures the amplitude shape of both inputs)
  • Liquid (splits the inputs into 64 spectral bands)
  • Multi (splits the inputs into 6 frequency bands)
  • Diffuse (uses spectral processing to create random variations in each frequency)
  • Wash (uses reverb to make input A seem to get further away as input B gets closer)
  • Blur (uses spectral freezing and blurring)
  • Pitch (uses pitch shifting to slide up or down by two octaves)
  • Shift(uses frequency shifting to slide up or down by 1,000 Hz)
  • Degrade (uses digital distortion to degrade the audio creatively)

Transmutator can be used in endless different ways, providing you all the creative freedom. It can be used to make 5-10 whole new different loops out of the existing two. It can be used to have tonality of one sound and layer with noise elements of the other. It can be used to smoothly blend in from intro to verse and buildup to the drop/chorus. In DJing, this could be the next big game-changer as the transition effects currently existing work solely on a single mixer channel however Transmutator applies the effect to both the channels and performs seamless blends between the two.


Transmutator is available for an affordable price of $22/€19.00 till September 30th, 2020 and also comes in with a 15 day free to use trial version.



Priced at $22.00 (for a limited time) we believe this plugin is a steal for the features and creative freedom it provides.


Check out the video down below to catch the plugin in action.


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