EDM Festival live events

Why do we love live events?

The thrill of attending a live event or engaging with a live show virtually is enormous and can bring an unparalleled sense of immersion. The sense of connection with the entertainment on offer and the shared sense of enjoyment with others can all heighten the experience. Here we look at the most exciting elements of experiencing live events.


Live events can be a fantastic way to feel part of a community in whichever area of interest. Live music, for example, can facilitate a conducive environment in which like-minded people can bond over a shared love of a particular artist or genre of music. It’s not only specific to attending a live gig in person, as we’ve seen with more and more going online. Even outside of music, virtual events like live casino online can also foster this sense of community by taking part in a game with a live dealer as well as other users via live chat functions. The collective sense of enjoying a shared live experience like online games such as ‘Live Blackjack’ creates a sense of togetherness.


Getting lost in the music can mean a great deal of exercise without even really realising it. Attending live events can be a great calorie-burning exercise which naturally helps with regulating mood. The music itself is also a known stress reducer with endorphins released in response to the high of hearing your favorite dance music played live. Furthermore, the collective feeling of enjoying the same music with others can foster a sense of community spirit and togetherness. The feeling of being part of something greater and sharing your joy with others is a fundamental part of attending live music events and can be hugely beneficial for your general mood.

A unique, personal experience

The beauty of live events is that they are always a unique experience. A live gig, for instance, can be a truly memorable event as they provide lightning-in-a-bottle moments which will never be re-created. A live music event can be a culmination of a life spent listening to a specific band and a strengthening of the bond between listener and artist. The dynamism of the live experience can be allied to the deep sense of personal connection felt by a fan. A live casino experience, equally, will provide ever-changing results with a distinct feel led by the live dealer’s performance. Live experiences, even if experienced virtually, can still provide distinctly unique experiences which live long in the memory.

Reflection and a chance to reminisce 

Live events can transport you to a different time or place. Hearing a live tune you’ve listened to hundreds of times before can be a transcendent experience which evokes fantastic memories of the past. And whilst live events can help people to appreciate past events, the joy of the experience itself will also provide them with a wonderful memory to enjoy in the future. They perhaps offer something more than physical items which deteriorate quickly, instead providing a memory to cherish for a lifetime. Save those ticket stubs and bag yourself a souvenir to memorialise the event by.

Live events bring a sense of spontaneity and freshness to provide a unique experience without fail. Whether in-person or virtual, live events can bring people together and deepen a sense of general well-being. Live moments are the ultimate in providing distinct memories which can last a lifetime.

Image Credit: Brandon Erlinger-Ford on Unsplash

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