Martin Garrix

Ytram & Elderbrook – Fire

Martin Garrix‘s dons his Ytram alias to drop a brand new single with UK producer and vocalist Elderbrook called ‘Fire’. The world was introduced to ‘Fire’ about a month ago, during Martin Garrix’s closing set at the mainstage of Tomorrowland: Around The World. Almost immediately, devout fans of Garrix recognized the tune as a unique sound, something that Ytram perhaps would put out.

Garrix, who has always strived to find new and innovative sounds, whose fans were equally surprised, yet overall content, with the news of the collaboration, commented on working with Elderbrook by saying,

“I got introduced to Elderbrook’s music by a good friend listening to it non-stop during my holidays, when he actually reached out to me via instagram after one of his tracks ended up in my stories. It was all super fluent and organically, which I love. We just hit it off and this was the end result.”

By what seems like an inevitable and spontaneous pairing, the two managed to finish the ‘Fire’ within two weeks of the Instagram exchange. ‘Fire’ breeds a new sound with the help of Elderbrook’s silky-smooth vocals that bring this track to life whilst the underlying deep synths provide a mysteriousness to the overall groove. The minor chords and a jazzy vocal progression keep us on edge throughout the entire duration of this song, with each line better than the last.

Listen below to Ytram & Elderbrook’s ‘Fire’. Click here for Elderbrook’s official website. Click here for Martin Garrix’s official website.

Image Credit: Louis van Baar