Home Uncategorized 50 legendary trap songs of all time (Part 5)
50 legendary trap songs of all time (Part 5)
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50 legendary trap songs of all time (Part 5)

Home Uncategorized 50 legendary trap songs of all time (Part 5)

For many fans of the genre that gave us such acts as Flosstradamus, RL Grime, TroyBoi, Hucci, or UZ, its most peak time might have passed. EDM’s version of trap appeared unexpectedly at the beginning of 2012 thanks to, among others, Original Don (Flosstradamus Remix) release, and its truest version was quickly overshadowed by the development of new subgenres, both trap (hybrid trap, hard trap, future bass) and bass music. However, over a period of about 4 years, countless phenomenal songs were created, which are not forgotten even today. There are still active producers on the stage, who have not abandoned the original sound of electronic trap – the bows belong to such artists as UZ, Bailo, Hucci, YehMe2, and Ricky Remedy. Our 5-segment series to introduce you to the 50 legendary trap songs of all time also comes to an end. It was a very hard task and we would be happy to enlarge this list to 100. Nevertheless, we invite you to check what 10 tracks were in the last part of the 50 legendary trap songs of all time list.


  1. Chief Keef – Love Sosa (RL Grime Remix)

A game-changer in the history of trap and musical adventure of Henry Alfred Steinway. It was thanks to the powerful boom for this remix that Henry decided to give up being Clockwork in order to dedicate himself 100% to RL Grime alias. The rest is history… The most streamed trap song on SoundCloud ever with nearly 50 million views.


  1. Flosstradamus – Roll Up (Baauer Remix) 

 As the name suggests, you know what the perfect companion is this remix. For both Baauer and Flosstradamus, this is one of their top 3 songs, to which they owe a huge increase in popularity. Additionally, it is certainly one of the first trap remixes ever made. 


  1. Mayhem, Antiserum – Brick Squad Anthem

As Mayhem said “Brick Squad Anthem” is the theme song to a night in the trap on molly. It’s the second tune from Mayhem & Antiserum on this list, but probably the most well-known from both of them. After all, hardly any trap production can boast support from Skrillex in his dubstep era and other dubstep acts like 12th Planet or Datsik.


  1. Waka Flocka – No Handz (CRNKN Trap Remix)

2012 Christmas gift from Trap City channel, which became one of the most-streamed trap remixes of all time on YouTube with over 68 million views. This one is an absolute blast. Sad news – you can listen to this trap masterpiece only via YouTube, it’s unavailable on other streaming platforms. 


  1. Good Times Ahead, Juyen Sebulba – Hard House

We are convinced that the number of people regretting the fact that this song is not available on Spotify is thousands. As the name suggests, it’s closer to hard trap style than the tracks representing trap in 2012-2015, but for a few good years it was hard to mention the EDM festival where we didn’t hear “Hard House”. Over the years an inseparable element of Flosstradamus, RL Grime, Baauer, Valentino Khan, or Diplo performances.

  1. Herobust – Turn Ape 

Before Herobust became one of the hottest names on the bass stage thanks to his unique sound design and the premiere of “I’m Aloud” album, which in a way initiated the hybrid trap and gave us, among others, “Skurt Reynolds” and “Dirty Work”. “Turn Ape” is the best example of this and could not be missing on this list.

  1. Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball (CAKED UP Remix)

    Probably one of the first if not the first track to appear on the Trap Nation channel. Nearly 60 million views say everything about it – a legendary tune. For several years the CAKED UP duo was one of the most important players in the trap game, but today, unfortunately, they are no longer active. 

    For most bass music fans, BARE is associated with a dubstep rather than a trap scene. However, before his sound went to the heavier side, he presented us with an unbelievable EP entitled “ATLAS”. Its best-known track is “Finger Trvp”, whose catchy trap lead takes root in your head for many years after one listen.
  3. Hucci & GameFace – The Leaves Are Brown

Hucci turned the famous “The Mamas and The Papas” by California Dreamin into one of the most famous bootlegs in the history of the trap. If you didn’t get to know him thanks to “Ball So Hard”, which was also included in our list, it is very likely that it is due to this production. The beauty of sampling combined with deep bass and Hucci’s characteristic drums. If you’ve never listened to this track, which is rather unlikely, we recommend catching up.

  1. Drake – Trophies (ARYAY Trap Remix)

Unfortunately, this remix has never been officially released and is not even available on ARYAY’s SoundCloud. However, this does not change the fact that it would be difficult to replace the trap producer, who did not play this remix in his set around 2014. The ARYAY project provided us with only a dozen or so productions, but the mini-album “VICIOUS” is a must-have material after listening to “Trophies”.


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Check out our Spotify Playlist with all the songs listed in this 50 legendary trap songs series down below. Feel free to head to this best Canadian casino if you’re in a trap & gambling mood.


Image Credit: Rukes.com




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