how to add groove to your tracks using percussion loops

How to add groove to your tracks using percussion loops?

A groove is a musical term in popular music for a series of notes that make you dance or move, in jazz music this is called swing. A groove is mainly an emotional propelling rhythm, played by the rhythm section of a band, sometimes supported by a bass guitar or keyboards. Using multiple instruments also contributes to the creation of a groove. One artist plays a certain part and other artists play different parts. For example, one plays the Bongo, and one plays the shaker. Each instrument plays its own rhythm and by combining these you get a groove. Nowadays we have the luxury to cut recordings and make our own grooves within minutes in your DAW, so it fits your track. Combining all these techniques and tricks we have prepared a guide to demonstrate how to add groove to your tracks using percussion loops.


The common way to start a song is with the drums. Focussing on the kick drum and adding other instruments to fill up the spectrum and to emphasize/strengthen the melody of the song. But it isn’t that easy. The drums should collaborate with the theme of the song. It’s important that everything works well with each other, so trust your ears. Below this, you will find some examples with and without the percussion loops. These clear examples will show you how a few added loops will transform your empty beat into a groovy and full foundation of your track. At the end of the article, we will list some high-quality percussion sample packs you can use in your own tracks.

Example 1:

After adding percussion:

Example 2:

After adding percussion:
Example 3: 
After adding percussion:

As you can tell, the percussion loops add a lot to your beats. These loops are complete and ready to drag and drop into your project. Below we will list the top 3 percussion sample packs which will make your tracks sound groovy and professional.

Top 3 Percussion Sample Packs

  1. Ultimate Percussion Library – €15.72
  2. Just Organic Shakers – €15.44
  3. Abstract Percussions – €12.04


1.Ultimate Percussion Library – €15.72

The “Ultimate Percussion Library” includes over 900 royalty-free percussion one-shots, fills, and loops, that will make a huge impact on your drum patterns. Expect not only loops but also shots, shakers, tambourines, wood, steel, and metallic instruments, bongos, claps, foley sounds, and much more. This pack also included original recordings of different ethnic and oriental instruments like a Doumbek, cabasa, caxixi, bendir, Arabian riqq, frame drums, African clave, sleigh bells, and other interesting percussions. This pack will make your tracks groove like never before.



2.Just Organic Shakers – €15.44

Sometimes less is more and this is exactly the case with this brand new pack from Bound to Divide. The pack includes a lot of Organic Shakers. There are loops ranging from 100 up to 150 BPM for many different styles and genres to work from. Also inside are shaker one-shots so you can sample as you like for any other styles that may not fit the tempo. Inspired by the soft, warm character of real, recorded shakers that you just can’t achieve through synthesis alone. Need some great shakers? Try this one out!


Expect an awesome collection of marvelous percussion hits, loops, and sound fx out of this world. Combining synthetic sounds with organic foley sources and processed them with LFO modulated distortion, filters, delay, and reverb to create completely new aural experiences. Abstract Percussions includes a total of 381 BPM-labeled percussion loops, ready to be dropped in your next project to give your music an extraordinary fresh feeling. The Abstract Percussions sample pack is suitable for everyone who is looking for experimental percussion sounds. Check out the demo by clicking the button down below.


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