Avicii ‘Stories’ album turns 5 years old

There isn’t a day that goes by when we don’t think about Avicii. When the Swedish star passed away in 2018, we watched the brightest dazzle in our sky full of stars sadly fade into darkness, and though we continue to mourn his departure from our world, today is a day of celebration as we mark an important landmark in the Swede’s career. On this day in 2015, Tim released his second studio album, ‘Stories‘, a follow-up to his debut release ‘True’ in 2013. (Funny enough, the Swede combined the titles of both his albums to form the name of 2017 docu-movie ‘True Stories’). Packed with classic Avicii bangers like ‘Waiting For Love‘ and ‘The Nights’, the album received somewhat mixed reviews critically upon release, with many preferring the high-energy tones heard in some of his earliest work, such as ‘Seek Bromance‘ and ‘My Feelings For You’.

But despite this, the powerful production prowess was clear to hear throughout, as Tim blended a range of melodies with superb instrumental choices and powerfully written emotive vocals in the way only he could produce. A true genius when it came to crafting tracks together, it was once said that the only person who could hear melodies in their mind before they came to life on paper (prior to Tim), was Michael Jackson… High praise indeed! Coldplay‘s Chris Martin also declared himself blown away by the extreme talent of the Swede when they worked together on ‘Heaven‘. Featuring many of the most under-rated Avicii anthems of all time, ‘Stories’ included tracks such ‘Gonna Love Ya’, ‘Sunset Jesus’ and ‘Pure Grinding‘. The most controversial track on the album was ‘For A Better Day’, with the official video for the single seemingly sending out a powerful political message. You can catch the album, in full, below. Happy Birthday ‘Stories’.


Image Credit: Rukes.com

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