Bakermat drops a surprising new album in the form of ‘The Ringmaster’: Listen

Bakermat changes direction and surprises us with a refreshing new album. ‘The Ringmaster’ is a ten-track project that enhances the multiverse of the Dutch DJ and producer. The album is a real showcase of styles that takes us away from Bakermat’s artistic origins but brings us closer to its plural and creative side.

If you last heard of Bakermat a few years ago, you probably remember him as one of the pioneers of the tropical house genre. However, his contempt for stereotypes, the vulgar, and the banal made him gradually move away from the heaviest sounds. It is precisely this need to untie the obvious that made him create an album full of different tracks in gender. Bakermat says:

“I wanted to work against the idea of artists sticking to only one genre or style to deliver a cohesive body of work. Despite the differences between some of the new songs, ‘The Ringmaster’ offers a homogenous sound, expressing the same love for melody and live instrumentation that I’ve always cherished as a producer.”

In addition to his distinctive sound, there is also another element that prevents any confusion about Bakermat: his circus jacket. The reference to the circus has always been a constant in his artistic life and in the Bakermat concept itself. In 2015 he created Bakermat’s Circus, an artistic interface where artists can be themselves and push themselves musically. With ‘The Ringmaster’ he not only becomes the definitive master of ceremonies of a variety show but also transcends himself in his growth as a producer. For Bakermat, the circus has always been the perfect analogy for his music because it represents a countless number of different feelings, the varied performances can infer fear, joy, adrenaline, and suspense. It is also this mixture of sensations that he tries to give us with this refreshing work. The ten-track album with different musical genres could result in a disoriented amalgam. That is not the case. Even though they are distinct tracks, they all share the same feeling, resulting in a cohesive work with a single driving force: uplifting effect. ‘The Ringmaster’ incorporates pop, jazz, rock, and soul, all very well-orchestrated with Bakermat’s infallible technique. The album features five brand-new tracks and five singles already out.

We start with a very powerful, sexy, and inspiring soul: ‘Trouble’ feat. Albert Gold. Albert Gold’s voice gives it body and Bakermat’s mastery gives it joy. There is no ‘trouble’ that can resist this melody. ‘Pretty Little Jaguar‘ is delicate, young, and cheerful. We challenge you to lean on the chair and not smile with it! ‘Good For Me’ feat. GoldFord is another wonderful collaboration. GoldFord’s vigorous voice is the highlight of this swing and rhythmic track. ‘Baianá‘ was already a hit before the album was released. This track is part of the EA Sports’ FIFA 2021 soundtrack and is the most electronic and danceable of the ten. It is the tropical stamp left by Bakermat. ‘Learn to Lose’ feat. Alex Clare is full of feelings. It is the recipe for daily empowerment. A perfect combination of a contagious clap and the delicious voice of Alex Clare. ‘Under The Sun‘ with Kidda is a fun track full of keys and rhythmic trumpets. It’s impossible not to shake with this one. Addictive! ‘Partystarter‘ is exactly that, a party starter. It’s the ‘dirtiest’, with a very urban rock style. ‘Spotless Mind’ feat. EmilyAlyn Lind BRÂVES is softer and more melancholic. A beautiful voice and very well treated by Bakermat. ‘Bad Dreams’ feat 7Chariot is a melancholy anthem. It’s a very contemporary and perfect radio track. The sound is fantastic and the voice of 7Chariot is beautiful. ‘Out of Control’ feat. Savannah Jeffreys stands out for the quiet piano notes and the melodic voice of Savannah. A more introspective and smoother track.

At first glance, it does not seem to have any connection with electronic music, but if you listen to it properly you can find the exquisite touch that the producer gives to the voices, the very important amplification, the synths, the reverb. Listen to it now, right here.

Image Credit: Bakermat (Press) / Provided by David Kim PR