Brooks & KSHMR collab ‘Voices’ gets an energetic rework by India’s Indid Beatz: Listen

Brooks & KSHMR‘s hit single ‘Voices’ just got the remix treatment from Indid Beatz. Brooks & KSHMR released ‘Voices‘ earlier this year and has had a massive amount of critical reception and already has five million plays on Spotify. The original gives a different vibe to house music and in true KSHMR style, uses tons of cool effects to make this song pop.

Indid Beatz, hailing from Delhi, India, has kicked off his career with the release of ‘Laid Back’, a jumpy house banger guaranteed to make you dance. Soon after, he released a remix of Avicii’s ‘The Nights‘, putting a slightly more progressive touch on the original, but still manages to keep Avicii’s presence strong.

For this remix, Indid Beatz keeps the mesmerizing vocals of the original at the front of this track and builds upon the existing energy of Brooks & KSHMR. The drop of this song is what breathes new life to ‘Voices’, in which Beatz uses big bassy synths to construct a new melody, completely turning this song on it’s head and giving it an edgier vibe that sits just right. The drums used in this track also add to the overall vibe by hitting a little harder and adding a bit more swing to the original version.

Listen to Indid Beatz’s major remix of Brooks & KSHMR’s ‘Voices’ below and make sure to supprt Indid Beatz on Facebook & SoundCloud.


Image Credit: Rukes.com