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Diplo shares his vision for a Super Bowl halftime show during Nerf House appearance

41-year-old producer, Thomas Wesley Pentz – aka Diplo, appeared on Nerf House Rapid Fire Questions and shared his vision for a performance at the Super Bowl halftime show, among some other insights.

Diplo, who just released a brand-new 12-track ambient album last month, joined forces with Nerf house and shared some insights and thoughts about himself as well as his career, all while building a Nerf X Fornite blaster. When asked how a Diplo Super Bowl halftime show would look, the producer answered:

“[It would] be amazing, be a lot of thunder, lightning, I would have a whole like choreography, kind of thriller with zombies, glow sticks, helicopters, and some animals, probably. something like that.”

The American producer described an a-list superstar halftime show. Exactly what you expect from someone like Diplo, who has worked with artists including M.I.A, Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, and many more. Diplo’s career path has included unforgettable collaborations that created music groups such as Jack Ü, Major Lazer, and Silk City, all of which provided massive hits throughout the years. At the end of last month, EA Sports FIFA shared on Twitter that Diplo is going to be a playable character on the new FIFA 2021 game. With a career that includes unforgettable songs, music groups, and 3 Grammy awards, a Diplo Super Bowl halftime show is a must.

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Image Credit: Rukes.com