Don Diablo

Don Diablo – Invincible

It’s normal for online games and electronic music to combine lately, especially with the rise of DJs playing sets in online game Fortnite. Now, future house maestro Don Diablo has also got involved in the online gaming world by creating a new theme tune for AFK Arena. The game is a fantasy-themed online world, and with Don Diablo’s music now being introduced to it, this makes for one seriously epic combination.

This time, Don is stepping slightly away from his usual future house style, and is venturing into the distinct fun world of French house. Proving that he can master whichever style he wants to, he always injects his signature style into whatever he creates to give it that edge, making it unlike anything ever created before. ‘Invincible’ is perfectly fit for AFK Arena, with its fun, futuristic and upbeat synths punching around the female vocals, creating a concoction of french house and future house. Striking a new balance, he’s taken his production skills to an entirely new level.

This track also happens to be part of the games debut music video. The music video shows Don Diablo introducing himself, and then it shows a virtual character of himself doing what he does best – putting on a massive show to an energetic audience. You don’t have to play AFK Arena to truly enjoy what a masterpiece this track is, and you can listen to it on Spotify below and watch the music video here.



Image Credit: Don Diablo (Press) by Ruud Baan / Provided by Electric Love Festival

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