Don Diablo

Don Diablo & Imanbek – Kill Me Better (feat. Trevor Daniel)

What’s a new music Friday without Don Diablo? The future house maestro continues to constantly be surprising his fans with a strew of singles to ensure no one ever has to go long without hearing new music from the Dutch king. Treating us to something special, he’s teamed up with Imanbek (who has just collaborated with Marshmello and Usher on ‘Too Much’) and American singer Trevor Daniel for new single ‘Kill Me Better’.

Don Diablo seems to have switched up his sound for this one, and has stepped away from the vibe of future house to instead try going down a new direction with his production abilities. Recently, we’ve seen him switch up his style, also trying out french house with the release of ‘Invincible’, and it seems that the lack of touring has given him even more time to be creative in the studio. ‘Kill Me Better’ sees Don go down the pop route, and it works out incredibly. Thanks to vocal skills from Trevor Daniel who sings his way through the beautifully written lyrics with ease, and the stylings of Imanbek, this one turns out to be a radio-friendly success and is a pleasant surprise to hear. Opting to switch out hard-hitting future house drops for something even more universal, this is destined for radio success and will no doubt find its way climbing up the charts in search of that number one spot.

“This song reflects the ongoing battle with my inner demons like so many of us are struggling with right now. Let’s be kind to each other and remember: you are not alone.” – Don Diablo

Could this new style be something more permanent? Either way, we’re loving that Don is experimenting and showing us different sides to his skills. Listen to the track below, and also stream it here.


Image Credit: Don Diablo Press / Provided by Listen-Up PR

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