Fedde Le Grand

Fedde Le Grand joins forces with Ally Brooke on crossover hit ‘Gatekeeper’: Listen

Dutch record producer and DJ Fedde Le Grand has recently teamed up with Ally Brooke, international pop star and former member of the girl group Fifth Harmony, to release a new track titled ‘Gatekeeper’. Ally Brooke’s harmonious vocals perfectly compliment Fedde Le Grand’s beat and bouncy bassline throughout the two-and-a-half minute single. Sensory synths and a catchy topline are woven into ‘Gateway’, making the song deeply infectious to its listeners. Ally Brooke’s vocal accompaniment and feisty lyrics demand attention from the first line, and provide an impeccable accompaniment to Fedde Le Grand’s propelling beat and four-on-the-floor rhythm.

Fedde Le Grand remarked upon his collaboration with Ally Brooke, saying:

“It was a pure delight working with Ally Brooke on the ‘Gatekeeper’ track. Ally’s vocals had all the right ingredients to create an amazing pop song. I really enjoyed working on this masterpiece so much and I hope everybody will enjoy listening to it.”

Ally Brooke also commented on her teaming up with Le Grand for this song and said:

“I’ve been a fan of Fedde Le Grand for a long time and that’s why I’m super excited about having our record ‘Gatekeeper’ coming out soon. I hope everyone is loving it as much as we do!”

A deeply powerful and catchy single is the result of this collaboration, combining pop with house music in this genre-bending song that will undoubtedly become one of the biggest hits of 2020.

Click here if you’d like to listen to ‘Gatekeeper’ in full.


Image Credit: Fedde Le Grand (Press)