Instagram content ideas for musicians, guide by Pine Music

Instagram content ideas for musicians, guide by Pine Music

Broadly understood marketing is today one of the most important elements determining the career development of a musician. To this day, we (un)know many unbelievably talented producers whose productions are on the next level, but they do not have a proper echo in the music community. There are also aliases and projects whose productions don’t get off the ground, they are often copies of other songs or ghost productions of producers, but their recognition is really high. This is done, among other things, through appropriate marketing – from paid promotion and online advertising, through proper premiere marketing package, to well-thought-out social media profiles. Well, social media. Can you name five DJs/producers who don’t have their profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Well, that’s it… This is due to the fact that in recent years our life has moved mainly to the Internet, and the popularity of the personalities concerned is measured by the number of followers. Building appropriate content and running social media is the main marketing pillar in recent times. Posting on Instagram is quite hard, and it is even harder to stand out from others. Pine Music has prepared great Instagram content ideas for musicians listing to inspire you in running your profile on Instagram. Also it’s important musicians will have the option to do Instagram automation to constantly feed their followers with content so they can focus on making music without any distractions.


Instagram content ideas for musicians by Pine Music

1. Music Videos – If you have a new song coming up, a music video will help your music reach a larger set of audience. You can tell the story underlying your artistic work and by telling a story, it encourages the audience to listen and draws in their attention, persuading them to stream/buy it. Instagram does allow you to upload full-length videos and you can upload your music video to IGTV.

2. Behind The Scenes – In today’s world people are not only interested in hearing your music, they are also interested and intrigued by the process and ideology behind it. Upload a behind the scenes video sharing your thinking of the track and the meaning of it will be an interesting prospect for your fans.

3. YouTube –  YouTube can be a great tool for idea generation in this case. Go to YouTube and look at what content other producers are uploading. A lot of stuff that works on YouTube does also works great on Instagram.


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4. Production – After you’ve released a song you can show your audience how you produced the song or also share small tips and tricks that you utilize in your production process. There are tons of aspiring music producers out there and they would not only gain knowledge from your production video but also stick with you as true fans and followers in the long run.

5. Past – show how you and your music have gotten better over the last years. Fans are fascinated by learning how you have progressed over the years and definitely a content worthy material for your Instagram feed.


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