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José Woldring: Leading one of dance music’s foremost PR agencies [Magazine Editorial]

Founder and CEO of The Media Nanny, José Woldring, is regarded as a leader in pushing the global electronic dance music industry forward with one of the most trusted, global PR agencies on the scene. Over the past 10 years, she has built an industrious team from the ground up, responsible for an astounding high-profile client base boasting the likes of David Guetta and Martin Garrix among others. José also offers her expertise to record labels, influencers, broadcasters and events, working with ID&T and Tomorrowland in recent years. Operating out of Amsterdam, The Media Nanny continues to offer services to any level of customer; ‘mainstream to underground, but always those who lead the way in the industry’. 


This year, in the face of adversity amidst a global pandemic, José is still working tirelessly to create new creative opportunities for her agency. In response, she has arranged an exciting new merger this summer in order to broaden horizons, as we found out in an exclusive interview with the PR prodigy herself.


Fantastic to speak with you, José! How are you and how have you been keeping busy over the past few months? 

Likewise! I’m good actually, thank you! The last couple of months were, as for a lot of people, different. Luckily I haven’t sat still. Since we operate in such a creative industry, almost everyday I’ve had emails and phone calls from artists and managers that have ideas. My team and I have done everything to keep ourselves busy!



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