Kölsch Tomorrowland 2022 02

Kölsch new album celebrated on One World Radio with exclusive Tomorrowland Friendship Mix

The long-waited album ‘Now Here No Where’ from the melodic flavoured techno maestro Kölsch has been released last Friday, September 25th. To celebrate his fourth studio album, the Danish producer was this week’s invited friend of One World Radio.

The one-hour Friendship Mix indulged the People of Tomorrow with a handful of tracks from his brand-new album and a lot of signature sounds. ‘Now Here No Where’ is a twelve-track work filled with deeply trippy and poised melodies that leads us to the present feelings and the personal mental challenges of ‘the man in the hat’.

Released on Kompakt Records, like the previous, Kölsch’s new album biographs the present time and intends to be the soundtrack of a message of hope. The EP released about a month earlier ‘While Waiting For Something To Care About / Now Here No Where’, has left us completely watering. The decadent teaser already showed the obscure elegance that would follow in the album.

Classic melodies from the composer Gregor Schwellenbach, robotic synths, Beacon collaboration, cinematic waves. These are some of the gems that can be found on the album and the One World Radio session.

Those who didn’t miss his dark bright performance at Tomorrowland Around the World already had a taste of this incredible new sounds. Now, everybody can listen or revisit this tailored mix. Every week the sound of Tomorrowland invites a close friend to host a musical journey and last Thursday the guest of honour was Kölsch. Get yourself into the zone with One World Radio, listen below.


Image Credit: Tomorrowland