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Review: KSHMR Essentials Free Kick Plugin

KSHMR is known for his unique Indian influenced melodies, heavy synths, drums, and a solid low end which has the potential to dominate every dancefloor across the globe. He is not only a great producer but also helps other upcoming producers every now and then through the medium of video tutorials, sample packs, plugins, demo sessions, etc. Recently, he released his own plugin bundle called the KSHMR Essentials that consist of a Bass -, Drums -, Kick -, Synths – and Vocal plugin. The KSHMR Essentials kick plugin is a free download. Read our complete review of the plugin down below.


The KSHMR Essentials kick plugin is built and structured with 4 modern features. The KSHMR-designed module routing, processing chains for kicks, CPU friendly processing, and easy one-knob operations. The plugin has a simple UI and is quite easy to use. The VST has 8 knobs to control your drums: Sub, Mid, Air, Transients, Tape, Pressure, Compression, and Width. The Sub knob lets you choose the key of your song and provides you an option to emphasize the fundamental frequency. The Mid -, and Air function lets you take control of the kick’s tone by adding more harmonics. The Transients knob is used to emphasize the transients of the sample. Finish off your kick processing chain with multiband compression using the Pressure module before applying a touch of subtle saturation with the Tape module. An entire bank dedicated solely to kick processing shows you how much effort goes into KSHMR’s individual drum tracks. The KSHMR Essentials kick plugin also comes with a visualizer where you can see the changes you are making in real-time. It’s important to trust your ears but it’s really nice to see how your drums are behaving after applying certain changes.


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KSHMR Essentials Kick is a free plugin and can be download here. The full plugin is available for rent-to-own which will be $4.99 per month for 20 months and contains a 3-days free trail.


Check out walkthrough of the free kick plugin below.

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