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Netsky goes back to his roots with new album ‘Second Nature’: Listen
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Netsky goes back to his roots with new album ‘Second Nature’: Listen

Home Uncategorized Netsky goes back to his roots with new album ‘Second Nature’: Listen

Earlier this year, it was announced that drum and bass pioneer Netsky would be making his return to Hospital Records. A decade ago was when he made his debut there and forever changed the genre, and fans had eagerly been waiting to see if him and the label would pair up again. With the Belgian producer exploring other genres and expanding his music horizons over the years, he has returned to his roots for his new album ‘Second Nature’ and it’s been a long time coming.

We had already gotten a taste of the extra special project when the single ‘I See The Future in Your Eyes’ dropped back in April, and from there on we knew that this was going to give us heavy nostalgic vibes and take us on a journey to the past, when his career was starting out. Reminiscent of his older style, he then went on to drop ‘Mixed Emotions’ and ‘Blend’, featuring collaborations with RudimentalMontell2099 and Afronaut Zu, and the excitement for ‘Second Nature’ had truly exploded by that point. Now, the full album is finally out and he’s delivered a true masterpiece to say the least.

Hold On (feat. Becky Hill)

Setting the theme and tone for the album perfectly, this track is extremely reminiscent of his older work, and definitely throws us into a pool of nostalgia. With emotive vocals from Becky Hill and a simple yet effective drum and bass drop that’s bound to get anyone moving, this couldn’t have been more of a perfect opener to ‘Second Nature’.

Mixed Emotions (feat. Montell2099)

Serving as the second single to be released prior to the album, ‘Mixed Emotions’ proved to be extremely popular with his fanbase. With nearly 2 million streams on Spotify so far, this showed us the darker, moodier side to Netsky’s production skills. Serving up classic liquid drum and bass vibes, it’s a fan favourite and we can definitely see why.

Destiny (feat. Jozzy) [with Sub Focus]

One of the most exciting collaborations on the album, ‘Destiny’ sees Sub Focus injecting his signature style of drum and bass into a concoction of light-hearted, energetic synths. Netsky and Sub Focus are two of the biggest names in this realm, and seeing them team up is nothing less than exciting to say the least. A long time coming, we hope this leads to more collaborations in the future! This one deserves to be heard loud and proud.

I Choose You

The first track to not feature any collaborators, this one is essential Netsky. At his very best, it feels like returning to the older sound but with a fresh 2020 update. Like a breath of fresh air, he knows exactly how to lighten the mood with his uplifting style of music, and this is perfect to warm us up during the winter months. Definitely one to stick on repeat again and again, ‘I Choose You’ is a gem.

Broken Bottles

Piano notes + powerful vocals = a recipe for success. During the buildup to the track, it seems like its going to be a more toned down, moody track but then the drop comes in to shatter all preconceptions. A surefire dancefloor filler, you can’t help but smile and nod your head at the very least whilst listening to this.

Blend (feat. Afronaut Zu) [with Rudimental)

Also previously released as a single, this collaboration with Rudimental and Afronaut Zu is totally different from anything we’ve ever heard before from Netsky. Further proving himself as a versatile whirlwind of talent, this is one seriously funky track that will stay stuck in our heads for a long time.

Let Me Hold You [with Hybrid Minds]

Another emotive track with soulful drum and bass duo Hybrid Minds, expectations were extremely high for this track when the full tracklist was revealed, and they did not disappoint at all. In fact, they blew any expectations out of the water completely. ‘Let Me Hold You’ will have you dancing with tears in your eyes thanks to the overpowering emotions sewed into the fibres of the track.

Look at Me Go (feat. Darren Styles)

Fans of the harder, faster style of electronic music will feel well represented with ‘Look at Me Go’. With the lyrics repeating the words ‘look at me go’ constantly and earth-shaking synths accompanying the lyrics, its impossible not to love this one.

Don’t Care What People Say

At first listen, this may strike listeners as very Daft Punk-esque. The robotic vocals are unmistakably reminiscent of Daft Punk type sounds, and this is an all-round groovy banger. Seemingly having more of a house vibe rather than a drum and bass vibe, it’s a true joy to listen to.


With dream-like soundscapes, ‘Complicated’ feels like being transported to a world above the clouds, floating and being surrounded by nothing but good vibes. Much like the other tracks, this also features vocals that listeners will be more than inclined to sing along to.


One of the biggest blasts to the past, ‘Free’ wants to take us back to the year of 2009, around when he was first signed to Hospital Records. ‘Free’ is a love letter to the start of his discography as an established artist with a fresh coat of paint, showing how far he’s come since then.

I See The Future in Your Eyes

‘I See The Future in Your Eyes’ was the first time we were introduced to this project, and so it holds an extremely important place in the very heart and soul of the album. Letting us all know that the Netsky everyone fell in love with was back and better than ever, and ready to dominate 2020, the scene exploded when this was released. Even now, it hasn’t gotten old a single bit and will definitely become a classic staple within Netsky’s discography.

Waiting All Day to Get to You

This one may surprise listeners at first, because the opening seconds sounds like it has come straight out of the pop scene but as we carry on travelling through the track, it becomes nothing short of an infectious banger. It perfectly encapsulates the feeling of nostalgia and manages to turn it into sound, which is not an easy feat by all means.

Power (feat. Urbandawn)

Dominating 2019 with his ‘Come Together’ anthem, Urbandawn found himself dominating the scene and landing a place within the Hospital Records family. His different style of drum and bass sees his rock and metal influences absorbed into a drum and bass package, creating a heavier tone, and it certainly shines through on ‘Power. Mixed in with Netsky’s brighter sound, it proves that opposites attract.


Another one with just Netsky taking the reigns, the plucky guitar sounds open us up to a funky world created by ‘Float’. Another track that makes us feel like we’re floating – meaning the track has a very suitable title -, the distorted drop snaps us out of the dream state and takes us on a thrilling ride.

Dreaming of You (feat. Elias)

Fans may recognise the name Elias from back a couple of years ago when Netsky remixed Elias’ track ‘Focus’, and now the pair have delightedly teamed up for a collaboration and ‘Dreaming of You’ makes us wish that this had happened sooner. It’s as if Elias’ vocals were handcrafted to perfectly fit into the world of a Netsky track, and the pair are a bona fide match made in heaven.

Everybody Loves the Sunshine (feat. Daddy Waku & Chantal Kashala)

It’s true that everybody loves the sunshine, and this track is simply sunshine embodied and encapsulated into one track. Like a hot summer day, this does the job of making us feel all warm inside and it is just what the world needs right now.

Basic Instinct

Unfortunately, this serves as the last track from the album when we wish it could go on for much longer. Serving as a brilliant closer for the album, ‘Basic Instinct’ goes back to basics and feels like Netsky is time travelling back to the past to visit it again, and he’s taking us all with him. It truly reviews just how far he’s come as a producer within the scene, and makes us smile with pride and joy.


Overall, ‘Second Nature’ is an emotional love letter to his entire career so far. As said by Netsky himself, it’s about connecting with his past and he couldn’t have done it in a better way. ‘Second Nature’ is now available worldwide. Listen to it in full on Spotify below, and other streaming sites here, including physical CD and vinyl options on the Hospital Records website.


Image Credit: Netsky (Press) / Fille Roelants Photography

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