The funniest music production memes of October 2020.

The funniest music producer memes of October 2020 by The FL Studio Memes

Slowly we are entering the last straight of this year. Due to the enormity of the events that have taken place over the last 10 months and the still prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, it is hard to see any positives in 2020.  Practically overnight, our lives have moved to the Internet. The lack of concerts, cultural events, social distancing, and ever-changing restrictions, have a negative impact on all of us. Music is a very good way to forget about the problems we are experiencing, but when it comes to the express need to get into laugh & better humor, there is no better choice than memes. And because we all love music, it has to be memes connected with the electronic music world, in this case focusing on music production.! Continuing the series The funniest music production memes of September 2020 by The FL Studio Memes started last month, we come back with a second installment – the funniest music producer memes of October 2020 by The FL Studio Memes.

Disclaimer: The following content is intended just for entertainment purposes only and not meant to offend anyone.


TOP 5 music producer memes of October 2020:


As befits sitting at home all the time, someone really must have been bored. Nevertheless, we sincerely congratulate the artistic sense!


One of the hardest choices any electronic manufacturer would have to face. Oldschool vs Newschool?

This meme is relatable to almost every single music producer out there. Perfect simulation of how producers go about adding live instruments in their DAW.


Let enjoy the development of technology and its latest child – the “hum to search” feature by Google.


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These Trump memes are just too funny and this meme definitely is our top pick from this music producer memes series. On another note, if you are a US citizen, don’t forget to vote. 


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Image Credits: @milinormusic & The FL Studio Memes on Instagram

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