Tiesto Trance

Tiësto’s emblematic remix of ‘Silence’ by Delerium was released 20 years ago

Do you remember the first time you heard Tiësto‘s surprising remix of ‘Silence‘? Maybe the name doesn’t ring any bell, but if you press play it will surely start raining memories. It was a long time ago that the promising young DJ Tiësto got his hands on ‘Silence’ by Delerium and created the gem of the first compilation ‘In Search of Sunrise’.

The idea might not seem phenomenal, but the result was to leave everyone’s mouth open. Would Sarah McLachlan‘s celestials vocal match the Dutch DJ’s rapid heartbeat? Yes, in the most unexpected way! An ode to elegant trance was born. There are at least two generations of ravers who gave their first kiss, celebrated their first job, and spent their first paychecks on vodka to the sound of this powerful remix. In the summer of 2000, the floor of Ibiza shook with the stormy dance that only the sound of Tiësto provided. The cabins of clubs like Amnesia, Privilege, Space (we miss you) and so many others passed this track in very heavy rotation. This remix was the first house track ever broadcasted on daytime radio in North America and occupied the UK top 10 chart for 4 weeks.

Tiësto has never feared the crowds, he feeds on them, and that was one of the elements that made him a unique DJ. Over time he’s discarded the prefix DJ and remained just Tiësto. A concept, more than a name. Other titles have been established in his curriculum, such as ‘The Greatest DJ of All Time’, ‘#1 DJ’, and ‘The Godfather of EDM’.

If we listen to this remix now we’ll realize that it was made two decades ago. For sure. But not for lack of quality, not for the complexity of the track composition. Maybe just because of the effects and layers that today are a thousand and one. It’s timeless, no doubt. Even today, it wouldn’t leave anyone indifferent on the dance floor. There is something common between the remix of ‘Silence‘ and all the other tracks cooked by Tiësto, and it’s what we all need at this moment: uplifting effect.

Immortalised in our memories and on the various multimedia platforms, this is a track that will accompany forever the fans of classic dance music. Because it’s never enough, remember below the master behind the decks, from when we only danced, without smartphones.

Image Credit: Rudgr.com