Wolfgang Gartner

Wolfgang Gartner returns to the charts with new release ‘Electric Soul’: Listen

The man of multiple alias returns with a brand new single: ‘Electric Soul’. In July this year, Wolfgang Gartner had surprised everyone with ‘Tucson’, the work that marks not only the end of the two-year hiatus without an extended-release but also a revival of the DJ and music producer. The six-track EP inherited the name of the city where the artist overcame voluntary rehabilitation and represents his emotional and sound stability.

Following this personal reconstruction, which is both physical and emotional, Joseph Thomas Youngman aka Wolfgang Gartner resurfaces with a new single. Like the previous EP, this work is also launched by the label ALT:Vision. ‘Electric Soul’, released on October 9, sweats electro house and Wolfgang Gartner’s identity. Maybe it’s the half-crazy arrangements, the complex metrics, or the unexpected synths mixed with the extensive club and studio experience that make this track unmistakably his.

The cover art is an allegory to space and fantasy and that’s the mood of ‘Electric Soul’ sound. Literally, it takes an electric soul to get this track right. The single grabs us with dramatic and symphonic sounds that are completed with a 90’s pop electronic scent. A subtle countdown throws us without delicacy to an ultrasonic rhythm and an energetic wavy punch. Classic funk? Bell Pants? A Balearic cruise? It’s all we want, it’s ‘Electric Soul.’ Uplifting, galvanic, and in a good mood. It’s majestic the way the sounds change every instant, taking us on a colourful and fun trip. 3:28 minutes of pure Wolfgang Gartner and a naughty invitation to the dance floor.

Is this single a teaser for a lively EP that catapults the American producer to a brilliant end of the year? Maybe. Until we know the answer, all we have to do is listen to ‘Electric Soul’ on loop. Find it below.


Image Credit: Rukes.com