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Aga Heller creates new agency with Armada and ALDA co-founder David Lewis

With well over 25 years of experience within the world of the electronic music industry, Aga Heller and David Lewis are two of the biggest powerhouses that have come out of the scene. Working to move the electronic scene forward, they are part of what keeps the cogs turnings and they make things happen on a global scale.

David Lewis is behind two big companies that you’ll certainly know: Armada and ALDA. The entrepreneur has been a founder and co-owner of these two dynamic companies whilst also running his own David Lewis Productions company since 1996. An impressive feat to say the least, he has achieved what many only hope to do in a lifetime – and he’s not done yet.

Aga Heller has previously led the bookings team for Solomun’s Dynamic roster of artists before going on to manage the global event series HYTE (based in Berlin), which has hosted the likes of BicepGreen Velvet and Pan Pot. Together, Heller and Lewis have launched Frills, the agency looking to make a difference.

Frills will focus on their promise, which is to shake up the landscape of today’s house, techno and electronic scene thanks to their impressive team of industry professionals in multiple different areas. They will offer services in the likes of bookings, marketing, event creation, management and much, much more. The dynamic company is sure to rise up in the ranks to become an impressively well-rounded agency that can literally do anything.

‘Our method is anything but conventional. We opened our office one week before Covid-19 shut down the entire global events industry! But that means we’ve been able to structure our team and processes from the ground up, without relying on any one artist to influence the overall direction of the roster. We want to announce our partnerships with artists gradually to reflect our approach to building the company – selecting every artist for their individual merits, sharing their objectives as partners, team members and friends. We want to nurture every aspect of an artists’ career and that involves a commitment from both parties that goes deeper than fleeting trends or overnight social media success. House and Techno are labels, but we operate beyond the borders of genres. We want to help shape the next generation of electronic music for decades to come, from behind the scenes, in the booth and on the dancefloor. – Aga Heller

Get ready, because Frills is a name you’re going to hear a lot of soon. To find out more, you can view their website here and get to know their brilliant team.

Image Credit: Kasia Zacharko

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