Andrea Lombardi Lasagna Addicted

Andrea Lombardi drops powerful track ‘Lasagna Addicted’: Listen

If you like Italian food and good dance music, you will certainly appreciate this news. Andrea Lombardi premieres today an infusive, rhythmic and delicious single: ‘Lasagna Addicted‘.

November 12 marks the artist’s third work this year, after ‘The Future’ and ‘In da House’, and also the release of ‘Lasagna Addicted’ at Revealed Recordings. This label has on its menu a roll of powerful dance songs, standing out in big room and electro house, not forgetting bass house and future house. This new work by Andrea Lombardi merges all these genres in a fluid, groovy and easy to enjoy track.

But before we dive into ‘Lasagna Addicted’, the best thing is to recap the journey of its author. Born and raised in La Spezia, Italy, Andrea revealed his talent for music at an early age. Although he started with guitar at 12, his passion for DJing soon grew. When school parties were no longer enough and the need to perform before an audience began, he joined New Generation Sound, founded by Valentino Ciuffardi, which led him to festivals like Val di Vara, Beverino In The Box, Beer Festival Brugnato and House Party Riccò. This exposure has attracted the attention of some renowned clubs all over Italy and Spain, and invitations began to appear. In 2016 his ambition and passion for music took him to Barcelona, in search of focus and music production. It is undoubtedly the year that symbolizes his revelation as an artist and the launch of his first work ‘Realized‘ by Ambassade Records (Paris). A year later, at Expo Records (London) the single ‘Dice‘ came out. Always with a schedule full of gigs in prestigious venues, he managed to continue producing original tracks like ‘Casanova‘ in collaboration with Thomas Hayden, ‘I Will Be Free’ with Chippo and ‘Morning Comes’ with Niltox. Besides a very simple and emotionally connected posture in life, Andrea also stands out for the minimalism with which he produces: only with a laptop and a pair of headphones. But the lack of equipment is not reflected in the layers of his bouncing tracks.

In 2018 he started working in Costa Cruises, where he spent five years on the high seas showing his talents as a DJ. It was on the boat, in his travels, that 2019 single ‘Do You Feel‘ was born. Since then, he hasn’t stopped releasing, and today we receive ‘Lasagna Addicted’. The name is original, appetizing, and leaves no doubt about Andrea’s gastronomic preferences. It reflects the good humour of the artist who says that everyone likes lasagna, but the best thing about the track is its filling. Whether you choose the 2’40” Radio Edit or the 3’39” Extended Mix, what you find is positive energy and a contagious rhythm. The frenetic keys and the house swag give it an incredible movement and make it absolutely danceable. The crescendo is full of contemporary and clean synthesizing, contrasting with dirtier and more raw swinging beats. The drop is, as Andrea himself says, heavy and fat like a plate of lasagna. The vocals make everything more cohesive, are captivating and give it a more commercial tone. In short, it’s track really easy to digest that will certainly please everyone. It’s light and uplifting. It could be a spring hit for the freshness it brings us, but it will make us dance in winter for sure.

Andrea Lombardi has, as a matter of fact, a commendable journey. But he promises not to stop here, leaving the threat that there will be even more news soon. We will be watching.

Image Credit: Andrea Lombardi (Press)