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Best Black Friday deals on delay VST plugins

As a music producer using all kinds of plug-ins, you’ve certainly come across plugins that can create the delay/echo effect. They occupy a place among some of the most commonly used plugins during the mixing stage – they are a key sound effect for creating space and mood in your tracks. Apart from the fact that practically every DAW has better or worse built-in delay plugins, dozens of them are available on the market, so choosing the right one may make you dizzy. We decided to prepare a list of a few Delay Plugins that are available at super bargain prices due to Black Friday 2020. Here are the best Delay plugins Black Friday deals also don’t forget to check out the complete list of best Black Friday deals here.

Best Black Friday deals on Delay Plugins 


1. Softube Tube Delay – $45.00(from $89.00)

Paul White, Chief Editor of Sound on Sound Magazine, said that this plugin produces a very usable and musically solid sound. Thanks to Tube Dealy you can create anything from dub reggae echo madness to realistic room echoes.


2. Baby Audio Comeback Kid –  $29.00 from $49.00

This creative delay plugin from Baby Audio is definitely one of our top picks on the list. The plugin has a very simple user interface and provides you all the essential options one expects from a delay plugin. Comeback Kid comes with modes like Tape, Swirl, Sauce, Wider, Ping Pong, and many more.


best black friday deals 2020


3. Soundtoys Little PrimalTap – $29.00 (from $79.00)

Soundtoys is an audio software company specializing in plug-ins engineering used by the biggest EDM names like Martin Garrix. Their Little PrimatTap key job is capturing the highly distinctive classic imprint of classic Prime Time vintage digital delay. The plugin allows you to trigger creative impulses of echo, warp, loop, distort, mangle, & more.


4. W.A Production Mutant Delay – $9.90 (from €39.00)

W.A Production’s product is a host-synced delay plugin perfectly working on vocal processing with 2 filtering modes, real-time waveform display, built-in internal ducker, and free bypass control.


5. Waves H-Delay Hybrid Delay – $39.99 (from $179.00)

Super intuitive H-Delay interface allows you to do practically everything you would expect – flanging, slap-back echo, old school PCM42-style effects, ping pon, or even tempo-sync with modulation… At a price exceeding nearly 80% of its value!


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