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Black Coffee recruits Pharrell Williams and Jozzy for emotional new single ’10 Missed Calls’

Contrary to all odds, this is a year very rich in good music and full of great collaborations. ‘10 Missed Calls’ is the name of Black Coffee‘s latest single that features the amazing voices of Pharrell Williams and Jozzy.

The acclaimed South African DJ and music producer has been working on his upcoming album ‘Subconsciously’ since 2018 and has let us taste his new work through the various singles he has launched in the meantime. ’10 Missed Calls’ is the fourth single to be released and appears on the same day that the full tracklist of the forthcoming album is unveiled. This incredible collaboration with the musical icon Pharrell Williams and the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Jozzy follows several others including UK singer-songwriter Celeste, chart-topper Sabrina Claudio and R&B icon Usher. It Is yet to be discovered the sound that results from the collaborations with some South African artists and other world stars like Elderbrook, Cassie and David Guetta. ‘Subconsciously’ is set to release on February 5th, 2021 via Ultra, the record label that has already stamped works from the most prestigious names in EDM.

Apart from being a very talented DJ and music producer, Black Coffee is also a philanthropist. He is humble, does not forget his roots and fights for them, working on the opening of a two-way cultural channel between Africa and the rest of the world. This fact is also reflected in his latest album which showcases local artists and handpicked partnerships. So, let’s find out what this phenomenal pairing with Pharrell and Jozzy brings us. In his words, Black Coffee says:

‘To have both Pharrell Williams and Jozzy on a record with me and a part of my album project is an honour, (…) They are two true talents that I hold so much respect and admiration for. Nothing but good energy all around!’

Yes, this brand-new track is all about good energy. From the previous ones, we had already realized that the album would be based on laid back sounds and a nice and light vibe. ’10 Missed Calls’ is smooth, a real treat for the ears and the soul.  3 minutes and 57 seconds of missed calls, but none of whom was desired. It awakens disappointment and uncertainty, without melancholy. The track has black Coffee’s signature very well marked: it is seamless. The voices of Pharrell Williams and Jozzy meet, diverge and intertwine perfectly on a delicate bed of piano chords, soft percussion, and minimal synths. ’10 Missed Calls’ is a pop-flavoured emotional track that makes us desire the release of the full album. Until that, listen to this beauty below and check out the full tracklist below too.

‘Subconsciously’ full tracklist:

  1. ‘Lost’ with DJ Angelo (feat. Jinadu)
  2. ‘You Need Me’ (feat. Maxine Ashley & Sun-El The Musician)
  3. ‘SBCNCSLY’ (feat. Sabrina Claudio)
  4. ‘I’m Fallin’ (feat. RY X)
  5. ‘Time’ (feat. Cassie)
  6. ‘LaLaLa’ (feat. Usher)
  7. ‘Flava’ (feat. Una Rams & Tellaman)
  8. ’10 Missed Calls’ (feat. Pharrell Williams & Jozzy)
  9. ‘Ready For You’ (feat. Celeste)
  10. ‘Wish You Were Here’ (feat. Msaki) [Album Version]
  11. ‘Drive’ with David Guetta (feat. Delilah Montagu) [Edit]
  12. ‘Never Gonna Forget’ with Diplo (feat. Elderbrook)


Image Credit: Ushuaïa Ibiza (Press) / Provided by NEU Communications