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Black Friday AutoTune Plugin Deals

Vocals form a core integral part of the modern-day music production process. Autotune plugins are fairly common nowadays and musicians not only use them for lead vocals but also have found creative use cases of this technology. There aren’t many autotune plugins that have a Black Friday sale going on however we have surfed the internet for you and found two lucrative Black Friday AutoTune Plugin Deals. Also, don’t forget to check out our Plugins & Sample Pack Charts where we list the best alternatives in each category.

Black Friday AutoTune Plugin Deals


  1. Auto-Tune Access – $60.42 (from $114.17)
  2. Melodyne Assistant BLACK FRIDAY OFFER – $117.61 (from $297.61) [Manual tuning]



1.Auto-Tune Access – $60.42 (from $114.17)

This vocal processing tool by Antares is one of the easiest autotune plugins to get access to the essential Auto-Tune features. Its clear overview contains 3 big knobs to control the humanize feature, pitch, and the return speed improving your workflow. Select the key and scale of your track, and choose which notes in the scale are correcting the pitch. It’s not as good as the Auto-Tune Pro though it still is a good purchase.



2.Melodyne Assistant BLACK FRIDAY OFFER – $117.61 (from $297.61)

This complete Melodyne collection made by Celemony helps you through every step of processing a vocal. This plugin isn’t an autotune however it can do everything that an autotune plugin does. It provides you immense control over every single note by providing you option to change the pitch, formants, velocity etc.




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