Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode founder Martin Gore unveils new instrumental track ‘Mandrill’: Listen

Ahead of a forthcoming instrumental EP in 2021, Depeche Mode founding member – Martin Gore – has just released a brand new instrumental track. Now 59 years old, the Ivor Novello award winner is continuing strong, utilising his years of experience to bring something unique in various forms. The new instrumental titled ‘Mandrill‘ does exactly that, taking you on a true journey through sound.

Depeche Mode are a group of well-founded success, with iconic tracks like ‘Personal Jesus‘ in 1989 and ‘Enjoy The Silence‘ just a year later ensuring a long standing career built on quality music and now-legendary releases. However, it is a solo project that is now taking centre stage, as group member Martin Gore continues to push the boundaries of his sound with some phenomenal instrumental work. ‘Mandrill‘ is a four minute insight into what the forthcoming ‘The Third Chimpanzee’ EP has to offer, with the full EP coming on January 29, 2021. This emphatic soundscape brings an array of elements together with extreme skill and innovation, approaching the electronic side of music from a completely different angle. An extraordinary piece, ‘Mandrill‘ is something that needs to be heard to fully captivate what is portrays.

Listen to ‘Mandrill‘ by Martin Gore of Depeche Mode below.

Image Credit: MediaDishNET Greg S via Flickr | License: Public Domain Mark 1.0

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