Review: Drum Empire 2020 extension pack for MDrummer

Music production and audio processing advanced tools maker MeldaProduction recently rolled a free extension pack Drum Empire 2020 for its MDrummer virtual instrument plug-in. The enormous extension pack includes a large number of high-end drums and cymbals recorded live in Svárov Studio. Down below is our review of the extension pack.

Modern-day music producers struggle with making their drum arrangements sound realistic and often end up making quantized and less interesting arrangements. Melda Products capitalized on this problem and rolled out the ultimate drum machine known as MDrummer. One thing we really liked about MDrummer is the ease of creating simple as well as complex drum patterns. The plugin also comes in with a large number of drum kits including acoustic drums, electronic drums, percussion, effects, etc. The plugin might seem intimidating at first however once you are well-rehearsed with the features of it, MDrummer is a beast.


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Recently, Melda Productions rolled out a whopping 60 GB of drums for MDrummer existing owners.  The extension pack is full of cymbals, sticks, brushes, mallets, drums, etc. Recorded in a studio fabricated for drum recording the extension pack actively absorbs the essence of the live instruments. A combination of over 42 crashes, 17 rides, 11 Chinese cymbals, 10 splashes, and eight hi-hats was recorded in different settings to set up the cymbals library within the pack.  All the drum samples were further processed by mixing professionals taking care of all the annoying frequencies.



The extension pack is free however it does require an existing MDrummer license to work. MDrummer does come in at a steep price of  € 249. The plugin is more suited for genres like Rock, Pop, Indie etc. If you are looking for acoustic drum libraries for your music we truly believe you won’t find many better alternatives than this one and it’s definitely worth the price tag.

Check out Drum Empire 2020 review down below and also the extension pack and the plugin via the buttons down below



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Image Credits: Melda Productions

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