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Empirical Labs launches BIG FrEQ, A Parameteric EQ Plugin

USA based audio processing equipment manufacturer Empirical Labs recently launched their first EQ VST plugin, Big FrEQ 1.0. Well known for their hardware equiments, Empirical Labs are gradually diving deep into the plugin market. Their wide range of products includes the Distressor, FATSO, Lil FrEQ, Mike-E preamp, DerrEsser, DocDerr, and the Proto500 however only Arouser, Big FrEQ, Distressor & FATSO come in a software version at the moment. Read through to know more about the newly released plugin.


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Tired of the limitations of a typical EQ plugin? The BIG FrEQ has taken these limitations into account. Giving you the ability to create flat-top parametric shapes, offering you the control for more tone-shaping possibilities, and added an analog workflow that creates a clear overview of all of the possibilities this EQ offers. While building this plugin they were inspired by the warmth and precision of the Lil FrEQ parametric equalizer and added new fine-tuning controls for applying the smallest changes and a unique Finisher section for adding organic harmonic distortion. Not only is the Finisher section a great section to apply analog saturation but the BIG FrEQ also offers a Focus mode which will center the selected frequency and reduce the range of the FrEQ knob when switched on. It has expanded the range of the gain knobs by an extra 15dB by toggling the RANGE mode for more dramatic boosts and cuts, added a solo mode to listen to the exact frequencies you are effecting, and it lets you copy all the settings from band to band. Empirical Labs are bringing the hardware units to your productions where you can add the well-known flavor and sauce of warmth and distortion directly to your sounds through the software version.


The BIG FrEQ is now at a special introductory price of $129 (from $149). The plugin does come in with a 15-day trial version as well. An iLok 2 or iLok 3 USB dongle is required for activating both the demo and full versions of BIG FrEQ.

Catch the plugin in action down below:

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