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Erick Morillo’s cause of death has officially been confirmed

The electronic world was shocked when, at the start of September, it was revealed that Erick Morillo had passed away. Just days before he was due to appear in court (September 4) to face his charges relating to sexual assault and battery, he had passe away and many speculated that he had committed suicide due to the situation, but now it’s officially been confirmed what his cause of death was.

The Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner Report had officially ruled that his cause of death was accidental drug overdose. It was stated last month in a preliminary report, but now we have official confirmation. ‘Acute ketamine toxicity’ and MDMA/cocaine traces were found, and it was said that he injected whilst in his apartment on his bed. This isn’t the first time he had used, though. Seven years ago he had an extremely serious arm infection which nearly resulted in amputation.

“Terminally, his cousin found him dead on his bed, with evidence of recent ketamine use. Containers of food were arranged on the bed, consistent with Mr. Morillo planning to eat a meal after injecting ketamine.” – preliminary report

Erick Morillo was also known to misuse amphetamine, where the report also showed a doctor’s drug screen confirming the drug was in his system. A statement from the report includes the following:

“A CT scan showed foci of ground-glass opacity suspicious for early pneumonia and similar to findings in COVID-19-related pneumonia. He left against medical advice and was discharged with Bactrim and Keflex.[…] He had apparently been on a drug binge for approximately 3 months and was known to use ketamine. He typically injected into his shoulder and required hospitalization approximately 7 years ago following an infection.”


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