Black Friday Buyer's guide for music producers

What to expect from Black Friday 2020 if you are a music producer?

Black Friday is just around the corner and retailers have already kicked off with their major Black Friday deals offering lucrative discounts and offers on their products. With the vast number of plugin manufacturers and sample pack companies out there it’s quite tough as a music producer to figure out which Black Friday deals are the best and the most beneficial for you. In an attempt to reduce your problems we have shortlisted a list of plugins, sample packs, bundles, and courses you should watch out for this Black Friday. Some of these deals aren’t on sale yet but are likely to have by the time we reach Black Friday. Do check out our special page where we highlight the best deals for Black Friday 2021.


Best Plugins Deals to expect on Black Friday 2020:


1. KiloHearts Phase Plant + Toolbox Professional 

Ever since Xfer Serum rolled out it seemed as if there won’t be any better synth plugin coming out any time soon. However, the recently released KiloHearts PhasePlant has failed all those claims. This synth is a beast and so are the extra plugins offered in the Toolbox. A Black Friday discount on this would be a cherry on the cake for music producers.

//update [27th November 2020] : Kilohearts Phase Plant +Toolbox Professional is available at $199.02 (Regular Price: $349.00)

2. u-he Diva 

Diva is the perfect synth if you are looking for making techno synths, plucks & basses. This synth makes sound design that has a retro touch to it so much easier.

//update [27th November 2020]: No Black Friday deals on u-he Diva yet and seems unlikely there would be one this year.


best black friday deals 2020

3. u-he Zebra 2

This synth from u-He is a beast. The audio quality of the plugin is very rich and warm. It comes in with 4 oscillators and also provides an option of creating your own waveforms. Even the legend, Hans Zimmer loves this plugin. Any Black Friday discounts on this would be a dream come true for a music producer.

//update [27th November 2020]: No Black Friday deals on u-he Zebra 2 yet and seems unlikely there would be one this year.

4. Fabfilter mixing bundle

The mixing bundle includes Fabfilter Pro Q3, Pro R, Pro C, Pro L, Pro G & Timeless. Definitely one of the top mixing plugins available on the market. Do watch out for any Black Friday discounts in the coming weeks.

//update [27th November 2020]: Fabfilter all bundles and plugins are 25% off from 27th November – 30th November. Checkout here

5. Native Instruments Komplete 13 bundle

The Komplete 13 bundle comes with Guitar Rig 6, Cremona Quartet, Arkhis, Super 8 synthesizer, Noire piano, Mysteria vocal textures, Session guitars library, and a lot more. We can’t stress enough the fact that it is one of the best instrument libraries available.

//update [27th November 2020]: A vast number of Native Instruments plugins are on 50% off. Checkout here.


6. iZotope Ozone 9

Ozone is widely used by music producers for the purpose of mastering. Ozone 9 comes in with a load of quality presets and also provides the freedom to tweak every minute detail within the plugin. Music producers all across the globe are praying for a major Black Friday deal on this plugin.

//update [27th November 2020]: Ozone 9 Advanced is available for $249.00 (reg. price $499.00)

7. iZotope RX 8

iZotope RX 8 is majorly utilized for cleaning recorded audio samples and making acapella’s and instrumentals out of existing songs. Definitely a must-have plugin in your arsenal.

//update [27th November 2020]: RX 8 Advanced doesn’t have a Black Friday Sale however, RX 8 Elements has one. Checkout here.


Best Sample Packs’ deals to expect on Black Friday 2020:

1. Ghosthack vocal library 3

Music producers especially electronic music producers struggle with adding the human touch to their songs. It’s quite tough to find out good sounding vocal samples online that readily fit in your mix. Ghosthack vocal library 3 comes in with a variety of acapellas, one-shots, and adlibs to fulfill all your vocal needs. The pack is likely to have a Black Friday discount running soon and on top of that you can claim the pack for an extra 25% off with code “weraveyou“.


2. Sample Sound Techno & Tech House Sample Packs

If you are a Techno/Tech House/Afro House music producer we would definitely recommend trying out Sample Sound’s sample packs. The sample packs come at an affordable price and don’t have a huge number of samples or loops included within. What they focus mostly on is the quality of sounds so you won’t have to scroll through hundreds of samples to find what works the best.


2. Ghosthack Ultimate Producer Bundle 

This bundle is a collection of 24 Premium Ghosthack Sample Packs. Loads of samples, presets, templates, construction kits are included in the bundle. We would recommend bookmarking this bundle and checking back for any lucrative Black Friday discounts in the coming weeks. Similar to Ghosthack vocal library 3, you can claim the pack for an extra 25% off with code “weraveyou”.


3. Black Octopus Leviathan 3

If there is one sample pack that works for almost every genre, this would be the one. A mammoth of samples, presets, loops and sounds come in Leviathan 3. Currently priced at $98.90 and does not have any discounts running but is expected to have one soon.


4. Cristoph Progressive & Techno 2

Cristoph is one of the most renowned producers in the house & techno space. You can find the essence of his sounds included in this sample pack made by the man himself.


5. WA Production R&B Guitar Hooks 

Struggling to find good guitar hooks? this sample pack might solve your problem. Doesn’t have an ongoing Black Friday sale but is expected to run one soon.


Best Music Production course to expect on Black Friday 2020:

1. Axtone Academy: Almost every music producer is quite familiar with the Swedish House Mafia and their impact on electronic music. Axwell(1/3 of SHM) has constructed a full in-depth music production course with the help of renowned producers like NEW_ID, Shapov & engineers like Mick Wilson & Alex Tripi. They cover all the aspects of music production such as drums, vocals, synthesis, mixing & mastering. If you are a member of the academy, they also provide you the opportunity to get signed to their record label Axtone. We definitely recommend checking out what they have to offer.

2. My Mix Lab: Founded by 3-time Grammy-winning sound engineer Luca Pretolesi, this place is hands down the best source to learn everything about mixing and mastering. Do watch out for any Black Friday deals on this one!

3. Serum Sound Design Masterclass: Serum is one of the best soft synths on the market today. Course mentor Rob Jones, goes through every area of the instrument and shown numerous examples of how to design a wide variety of different patches, from basses and leads to pads and FX.



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