Home Uncategorized Germany’s iconic club Bootshaus launches VR experience
Germany’s iconic club Bootshaus launches VR experience
Image Credit: Bootshaus VR

Germany’s iconic club Bootshaus launches VR experience

Home Uncategorized Germany’s iconic club Bootshaus launches VR experience

A new VR party experience has been created for the first time by the legendary German club Bootshaus, inviting lovers of dance music to experience the venue from their own homes. By creating a venue that is to scale with its real life counterpart in virtual reality, Bootshaus is transporting their partygoers to one of Germany’s top clubs, as well as enabling them to listen to the music that they haven’t had the opportunity to listen to live in a long time.

This series of lockdown-inspired virtual parties will premiere on Saturday 28th November at 18:00 – 21:00 CET / 17:00 – 20:00 GMT. Desperados and elrow, Boothaus’ long-term partners, will start off the long series of takeovers that will be making an appearance during this event. Partygoers will also be given the opportunity to create and customise their own personal avatars upon entering the space. The virtual version of Bootshaus’s world-famous club is being launched in collaboration with VR company Sansar and will also give its partygoers the ability to interact, thus successfully bringing the event to their very own living rooms.

Powered by Desperados, the elrow show that will be kicking off this virtual party will allow people to relive the energy and excitement that they so desperately crave. Amongst the long line up of big guests that are attending this virtual event, DJ Paco Osuna and elrow residents Andres Campo and Fer BR will be headlining the first party. This will all take place in the space that was transformed by Okuda San Miguel, a Spanish urban artist who has created the universe of this virtual experience using his ‘Kaos Garden’ concept. This includes the use of a combination of bright colours and geometric shapes in order to bring the virtual space to life, ensuring that Bootshaus’s VR party will be an experience like no other.

Despite the world’s current situation, Bootshaus offers a ray of positivity and hope during these rather bleak times. If you are of legal drinking age, you can attend this party from all over the world. Information regarding how you will be able to tune in to this party, as well as the event’s flyer, can be found below:

Tune in via the Sansar platform using a VR headset and a Windows PC with a dedicated graphics card. The live streams can also be viewed through YouTube, Facebook and Twitch without a VR headset, or via the Sansar app on iPhone or Android.


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Image Credit: Bootshaus

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