Getter drops ‘NAPALM EP’: Listen

Getter is back dropping some heat in the form of the new ‘NAPALM’ EP, and fans have been waiting ever since he first posted about ‘BAD ACID’. Tanner Petulla has been busy lately preparing his upcoming releases. His ‘VISCERAL’ album ,with songs varying in the styles from future bass to funk and from rap to ambient, was released on September 28, 2018 so we have been quite hyped to listen to his new tracks as a whole project, especially regarding the fact that he recently said he was all about working in his music with his realness and energy, not caring about the negative vibes at all. ‘NAPALM’ EP is consisted of 6 tracks, ‘ENTOMBMENT’, ‘BAD ACID’ , ‘CLOROX’, ‘ADHD’ , ‘REPRESENT’ and ‘HOLE IN THE BOAT’. Every track is expressing a phase in Petulla’s thoughts and experiences, with his unique style. For the last track Getter mentioned on Forbes,

“I wanted to throw a different vibe. The whole EP is f**king crazy. ‘HOLE IN THE BOAT’ at the end is kind of the departure. The lyrics go from in the beginning like, ‘I’m the hole in the boat,’ meaning ‘I’m the reason this boat is sinking and I suck.’ By the end of it, the lyrics are talking about how the world is cold, everybody sucks [and] everything sucks, but we’re here so f**k it.”

The cover of the EP with the flames and everything, is surely preparing us for the explosive, dark and hardcore style Tanner has delivered. ‘BAD ACID’ gave us a taste of course, but right now we have the whole EP to listen to and enjoy. He’s keeping it real and fans will be pleased without a doubt considering the progressive yet hardcore bass vibe we get. You can listen to the EP below on Spotify.


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