Trusted Tracks, OLAVI, Ito Cekaj, Rassange

Ito Cekaj, Rasange & OLAVI join forces on the incredible ‘Trepidation’: Listen

Ito Cekaj, Rasange & OLAVI have teamed up to release ‘Trepidation’. The trio, originating from Sweden, are also the founders of Trusted Tracks, a record label dedicated to putting Swedish melodic techno and house on the map. The label was created earlier this year, and despite the current pandemic, it has found a way to put music in front of the masses by releasing one-hour Trusted Tracks mixes from artists such as RØNN, ESTER, and the founders themselves.

The founders of Trusted Tracks have also been excelling, with releases such as OLAVI’s ‘Colligent’ and Ito Cekaj and Rasange’s collaborative debut single ‘Font of Life’ making up 8 singles released by the record label so far this year. ‘Trepidation‘ is a true banger that celebrates the talent of each artist.

‘Trepidation’ is a delightful collaboration from the founders of Trusted Tracks, with stellar synths and a great melody. The near six-minute track has grooves of all shapes and sizes stemming from different types of synths that pop in and out between the drums, making this song a heavenly bop for all dance music lovers.

Listen to Ito Cekaj, Rasange & OLAVI’s ‘Trepidation’ below or check it out on Spotify here.

Image Credit: OLAVI, Ito Cekaj, Rassange (Press)