Avicii at Ultra Korea 2016

Joe Biden & Kamala Harris conclude victory speech with singles from Avicii and Kygo

Following the global announcement of Joe Biden as the official President-elect for 2020, both Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris addressed their fellow Americans during their impactful victory speech. By calling on Americans to further unite as a nation and put all of our differences aside, Biden thanked attendees and said goodnight to his country with a variety of iconic singles during the closing ceremony.

As Biden’s family began to accompany him on the stage, the post-speech celebration featured the one and only “Higher Love” from Kygo and Whitney Houston. A true celebration indeed with star-gazing fireworks alongside Avicii’s collaboration with Coldplay on “A Sky Full of Stars,” the sense of unity both in-person and virtually was undeniably a special moment for all. By paying tribute to Biden’s late son Beau, the collaboration by Avicii and Coldplay was his most favorite song and will always hold significance to the Biden family. With a full video of the evening provided by the Wall Street Journal, you can listen to “Higher Love” at the 27:15 mark and enjoy the fireworks alongside the beauty of Avicii and Coldplay at 29:40.

Watch the entire speech below and hear a few of your favorite singles to conclude the night.


Image Credit: Rukes.com

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