Afrojack Kapuchon

Kapuchon – 10 Years Later

Afrojack is reviving his alias Kapuchon with his latest track titled ’10 Years Later’ released by his very own label Kapuchon Records. This particular record is a testament to the DJ’s exceptional skills and is different from his original mainstream style. The song itself is catchy, upbeat, and Kapuchon is clearly no stranger to the house genre.

A live stream of the celebration of the label launch and song release happened on Saturday, November 14, directly from Maasvlakte Rotterdam. Like many others, Afrojack continues to work on his craft is providing incredible sets for fans to enjoy worldwide. So, if you are hungry for some new music, this event is definitely something you should tune into. This track is destined for dancefloor greatness, and we are looking forward to enjoying it at future live events.

The Dutchman is well known for blending EDM with pop, but he is not a newcomer when it comes to house music. It is our pleasure to recommend adding this track to your tech-house playlist. We are also very excited to see more from Kapuchon in the near future and would not be shocked if we also saw him on tour. One thing is for sure: we are most certainly ready for more of his amazing music.

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