Oceans talks ‘Unhappy Birthday’, music videos and next steps: Interview

When speaking of breakout artists of 2020, Oceans is definitely a name that comes to mind. The British artist has risen in the ranks and has gained himself over 70 million Spotify streams on just one track alone, and since then it has only been up for him. The artist also known as Kiz Keyz has a huge fanbase, and it’s only growing with each release he puts out. Wanting to learn more about his creative process and where he sees his career going next, we spoke to him to find out all the information.

Hi Oceans! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Take us behind the creation process for the track ‘Unhappy Birthday’. Did you have any influences in mind when creating it?

Hi! Absolutely, I did and the main idea was sparked due to the fact that it was my actual birthday when I wrote the song. During the evening drinks, I pulled out the guitar with some friends in the living room and freestyled a small concept idea on my phone. I wanted to make an anti-birthday anthem and we just kind of did it flowing back and forth on previous experiences.

As well as producing, Oceans creates his own music videos and even directs and produces them. Using them as another way to tell his story, we asked him how he creates his videos and we delve into the process more.

You’ve also created a music video for ‘Oceans’ in which you directed and produced it. What is it like producing a music video rather than a track? Is it extremely different? 

Very different indeed, but also a beautiful challenge you know? To create the vision for a song you wrote and produced is pure creative freedom! I had a lot of fun making this video, but the main differences are of course how we show the concept of the song entirely through its lyrics and its emotions. That is totally different to the songwriting process but also I do love to give new things a try!

What did you want to achieve with the music video? When people watch it, what do you want them to feel or get from it?

I want people to feel like a sad or “unhappy” birthday is not something that should get you down. Like the song kind of say, if a loved one or close one in your life ruins it for you; turn those lemons into lemonade and live your life. Go and party if that’s what you need. Move on! Memories will always be there of things you may have thought were good, but you now realize were bad. It’s about transition and it’s about having a good time and not letting yourself or your friends down.


Image Credit: Oceans (Press)


You clearly have a plan for all your music videos to connect and tie together to create a bigger storyline. How will you do this and what is the storyline you want to create?

Oceans for me is a lifestyle brand and an adventure. I want to tell the stories of my songs with my own experiences and try to put people in my viewing seat of life as I see it. I aim to make two more videos that kind of shape the ongoing story of the ‘Cereal’ and ‘Unhappy Birthday’ videos to where I am now with the next two songs. They do kind of tie together, but also work as standalone products.

It’s not just music Oceans is good at! He’s had an impressive amount of achievements under his belt, and this includes influencer work with big name brands.

Speaking of your other achievements, you’ve worked with a lot of big brands over the years. How did those brands reach out to you?

I have been very fortunate to meet and work with some amazing brands over the years.  I always took the same approach with brands and that is simply to reach out confidently and make that connection a reality. My love and enthusiasm for these particular brands comes through strongly and they can see my vision, which really helps. Previously I did some lifestyle and influencer work and during that time I found how strong a connection between people and products can truly be. I’m passionate about implementing these products in my life, my adventures and my story. I therefore want to share the experience of using these brands first hand to my viewers and my visuals are a great way to do that.

Of course, the pandemic has been affecting artists differently. Many feel more compelled to create music with their free time, whereas on the other hand many feel depressed and defeated. We wanted to know how he felt about it all.

Looking at the whole Covid-19 situation and its impacts, how did it affect you? Did quarantining encourage or damage your creativity? 

It has been absolutely insane and this Covid-19 situation really needs to get going out of 2020 and our lives. I definitely found some amazing creative energy and space, but at the same time I was very limited on  lifestyle and travel, which both play an extremely important role in my music inspiration and my personal mood. There have been ups and downs, but either way… We shall crack on with or without the virus. We got money to make and at the same time as everyone is thinking “oh, he or she in music just does it for the money”, no no no; This is my dream job yes, but this is also my bread and butter. It requires a lot of work no matter what the world’s condition is. The struggle is real!


Image Credit: Oceans (Press)


What are you looking forward to most when this situation is over? 

Taking a flight to a beautiful and cultural location, driving a British GT through its scenery and shooting some pictures. Followed by some sand and a swim and then swiftly onto eating good authentic food until I pass out (repeat for 5 days). That should get the neck tension down.

What do you want to achieve next in your career? Is there any specific things you want to do? 

I want to do records. I produce and write for other artists quite a lot already, but I really see my future in my own record label, my artists and the adventures that will bring for the whole team. Using my experience, connections, lifestyle partners and influential relations, I feel like I could have an awesome roster of talented people around me and with a bit of help and a team effort, release some amazing music and visuals into the world!

What’s next for you? Can you tell us about any new and exciting projects you’re working on?

Sure! Most notably, my next single “Rollercoaster” will be dropping next along with some visuals. I’m working on a new direction for my label and some long-term partners to help everything we are doing have a bigger impact. Of course along with that, I’m ALWAYS work on new music, new concepts, and new moves. I’m really thankful to chat to you guys and thanks for sharing the new single!

As you can see, there’s a lot to be excited about with Oceans, and he has much more in store for us in these coming months as we prepare to go into 2021. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to check out Oceans’ latest single ‘Unhappy Birthday’ below!


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