Alesso at MDLBeast Soundstorm 2021

Relive Alesso’s monumental performance at Ultra Taiwan 2020: Watch

While the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage across much of the world, various places in the Far East and SE Asia are largely back to normal. Among them is Taiwan, who have managed to keep the pandemic at bay to the extent they’ve done something we are all dreaming of – holding a major festival. This weekend, the Road To Ultra Taiwan festival took place in the capital Taipei, and if you can cope with the emotions, you can now watch Alesso’s set and reminisce about the times we miss.

Alesso is always a crowd favourite and so it fell to him to close out proceedings at the one day event in Taipei’s Dajia Riverside Park. It features all the things we missed so much in 2020 – a massive stage, epic production, LED screens, and endless lighting. The crowd were jam packed together with barely a mask in sight, and while it’s not unfair to say crowds in the Far East aren’t quite as wild as those in places like the UK – no one was covered in mud or clearly struggling to stay upright for example – they were certainly full of energy, and for most of us it will no doubt give pangs of jealousy as we all wish we could do the same.

That said, while it doesn’t beat being there, the first 45 minutes of his Road To Ultra Taiwan set were livestreamed and still available to watch over on Alesso’s Facebook page. There’s no less than three brand new IDs in there which display a mix of styles, and of course he throws in some classics.

There’s plenty of theories as to why Taiwan and some of its neighbours such as China have managed to control the pandemic and return to normality, a leading one is a willingness in such cultures to follow rules, display discipline, and protect others around you. Perhaps if young people in the West took this lead we could be in the same place, but for now we’ll just have to make do with watching it from our homes. Check it out on Alesso’s Facebook page here.

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